12 Gemstones Of Revelation, By Mary Trask

GOOD BOOK Recommendation: 12 Gemstones Of Revelation

I haven’t read the book, but it’s recommended to me by a friend whose opinion I trust. Besides, it’s a topic that has fascinated me for years!

http://amzn.to/1juR0fa [Kindle version $9.99; paperbacks from $2.39, at least right now.]
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Just as all of creation speaks of our Creator, the study of Revelation s gemstone wall can reveal important truths needed for our journey towards spiritual maturity in the kingdom of God. Each of the twelve stones represent twelve very distinct areas of focus of which God may be addressing in our lives as we move closer to fulfilling His dreams for each of us.

With reports of heavenly gemstones appearing in regions all over the world, the book, The 12 Gemstones of Revelation helps us discover what message these stones might be bringing to this generation, to this world, and most importantly, to our hearts.

[From a 5-star review:] “This book is rocking my world! God is so good to know exactly what we need and when, as we progress in spiritual maturity and intimacy with Him! This book is great and I am enjoying learning about the gemstones, and what all of the colors and numbers mean in a biblical way. But what is absolutely amazing, (and I did not expect) is the way the author, Mary Trask, is used by the Holy Spirit in the scribing of this book, to gently highlight areas and ways that the enemy uses to attack us mentally and spiritually!

Mary doesn't just stop there, but gives sound scripture references with helpful prayers at the end of each chapter that can be used in areas we might be needing help with in our walk with God! The prayer from the Father to the reader that follows is phenomenal!

As I was reading, God even brought revelation to me of things that have happened several years ago in my own life, and what He was working in me during those times, and Holy Spirit showed me what was accomplished after going through it! Wow.. I pray for everyone who reads this book, that Holy Spirit brings positive change which will cause spiritual growth and alignment in Jesus name! Amen!

And here's what Mary has to say about her book. Pretty cool! 

Comment, I observe that her other book, Weapons of Peace, God’s Tools for Peace in a Chaotic World is only $1.99 right now [Kindle version]. Also highly reviewed.