ESV Audio Bible in either MP3 or M4B format.

FREE AUDIO BIBLE: ESV Bible in either MP3 or M4B format.

http://bit.ly/FreeChristianAudio [This is the page to get it from. Free through the end of the month.]

Jump on this! HEARING the Word is an amazingly good thing! 

The English Standard Version of the Bible isn’t used real often by the celebrity preachers, but it’s a good Bible. Hey, It’s the Bible! It’s “God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 

You may have heard my story, how listening to the Bible has really helped my growth. I listen for an hour or more every day; last year, I made it through the Old Testament twice and the New Testament four or five times. I discovered treasures that I’d never seen in fifty years of reading and studying the Word.

Somebody really smart said something about “Faith comes by hearing.” Apparently they were serious!

Some technical notes:

Go to http://bit.ly/FreeChristianAudio: This is the page where you give your email address in exchange for the link to download the audio files.

·         You WILL need to confirm your email subscription in the email they send.
·         That will take you to another version of the page where you signed up, from which you can download the files.
·         The ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible MP3 format comes as 8 zip download files, containing a folder for each book of the Bible and 1 MP3 file for each chapter. The M4B format comes as 8 zip download files, containing 1 M4B file for each book (bookmarked & navigable by chapter).
·         You’ll need to play the files on your computer (iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, etc), or you can transfer it to your iPod, iPad, phone or (if you know how), burn it to a (stack of) CD Audio discs.

Pass the word if you like: This is pretty cool. You can subscribe to this blog if you like. The goal is simply a book or two a day, profitable for Kingdom people, either free or a really good deal.