Everyday Vegetarian Family Cookbook:

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This is my collection of some of the most delicious and easy vegetarian recipes on the planet! They can be served on their own or as side dishes with some meat. 

If you're looking for quick, healthy and nutritious meal ideas for you and your family, you may want to try out my vegetarian recipes!

By Beth (Nicholasville, KY USA)
Many terrific-sounding recipes in this book! Because I'm reviewing this book in the wintertime, I'm particularly interested in trying some of the steamy-hot soups to help warm me up. But there are some really good-sounding salad recipes in this book as well. I'm not vegetarian, but I give this vegetarian cookbook 5 stars!

By Hazel J Jackson
Being a vegetarian, having access to more varied dishes is wonderful. Even for those who are not vegetarians I would definitely recommend "Everyday Vegetarian Family Cookbook to try it out.

By Silver Spurs
I have downloaded many cookbooks onto my Kindle. This is actually the first one I have used to prepare a meal. This is also the first one I have kept. When I have looked through the others, I decided there really wasn't a single recipe I thought was worth trying, since it's awkward to use the Kindle and keep it clean on the kitchen counter while gathering and mixing the ingredients; so I deleted them. The recipes in this book were worth the risk. If you are vegetarian, you owe it to yourself to at least download the sample of this book. The recipes I have tried are quick, easy, and flavorful.

About the Author
I live in Bulgaria with my family of five, a crazy Jack Russell Terrier and three adopted dogs.
Reading is my passion and coffee is my drug of choice. I love cooking and preparing natural, homemade beauty products for family and friends. My inspiration comes from many tried and tested recipes which circulate within my extended family, but I also experiment all the time in order to create new and varied recipes, better suited to modern tastes.