The Faithful One: the Story of Job By Michele Chynoweth

FREE BOOK: The Faithful One: the Story of Job

I figure some folks are feeling rather like Job. Here’s something for them.

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From a 5-star review: “I am sure we have all asked ourselves one time or another - what did I (or they) do to deserve this? Or maybe we know someone who lost a loved one to cancer or another horrible disease? How do we keep the faith and keep believing in God? This story is a good example - how to be strong even when things can't get any worse! It's about trusting God again. I am not a very fast reader but I read this one pretty fast - it kept my attention and I didn't want to put it down! Can't wait to read her next novel!!”

From the publisher: Seth Jacobs has it all — a successful business, a mansion in greater Boston, a beautiful wife and three loving children. Yet, in a series of events beyond his control Seth loses everything, including his health. Struggling to find some understanding amidst his pain, Seth’s faith is challenged further by his wife Maria, who betrays him, and even his friends, who suggest that perhaps God has His reasons for inflicting so much suffering upon him.

At the end of his rope, Seth meets Lucille O’Hanlon, a young yet wise social worker who tries to help him realize the spiritual solution he so desperately seeks. Lucille also begins to fill the void left by Seth’s losses, and as they grow closer together, he must finally determine if their relationship is of God’s Will or just his own.

Seth questions God as we all do in times of hardship. With Lucille’s help, he finally receives an unexpected answer to his despair and is faced with decisions that will determine the new path his life takes. A modern-day story based on the Book of Job, The Faithful One inspires us all to have a little faith no matter what.