Last Night I Had A Dream, By Jaimee Bingle

NEW BOOK: Last Night I Had A Dream: Talking To God About Your Dreams And Understanding Them
By Jaimee Bingle

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This is a 31 page booklet, not a full book. It’s four days old. A friend recommended it. No reviews yet (maybe you could add one!).

Do You Dream A Lot? Do You Wonder What They Mean?

Many people miss out on dream communication with God because they are too busy to pay attention to their dreams, or worse, they don’t believe that God speaks through them. This short, and to-the-point ebook will show the importance of dreams as a way in which God pursues us and communicates to us, and teach others how to talk to God about their dreams and receive understanding from Him.

As you read this eBook, you will begin to see biblical foundation and importance for dreaming. It will increase your faith to receive dreams from God and the confidence to interpret with the Holy Spirit as your guide. You’ll see that God is pursuing you all the time, even in your sleep. It is an expression of His love toward you!