The Accidental Hero, By Joshua Graham

FREE BOOK: The Accidental Hero [MYSTERY!]

A Christian entry into the Mystery Novel category. Currently #1 and #2 in two Amazon “Mystery, Thriller & Suspense” categories (not the "Christian Mystery" categories!)

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From a 5-star review: “The product description was so brief that one really has no idea what to expect from the story. I anticipated it being a feel-good Christian redemption story. Oh, there are some feel-good moments but more often it is anxious and riveting. It is a story that imprisons the reader and torments his curiosity.

From the minute Brian introduces Big Pete, I was hooked. Big Pete is the scariest, meanest looking cell-mate ever to enter Salton Sea State Penn. According to Brian, Big Pete also has most people wetting their pants in respectful fear. The author cleverly draws the scene while the dialog has an authentic cadence that makes it convincing and real.

The author locks you in the prison cell beside Brian and Big Pete keeps you there. Who will be redeemed? This is a page turner that had me chewing my lip and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for redemption.

The cold-blooded "killing machine" is a daunting and plausible character. He will keep you suspicious and on edge. He will easily convince you to fear and detest him. Brian will suggest he is otherwise. The unexpected kinks will have you swallowing hard and keep you glued to the very last word.

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