Authority, Accountability and the Apostolic Movement

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There is a new apostolic movement afoot, and it is leading many from the simplicity of the pure gospel. To be legitimate, the teaching emphasis and ministry expression of present-day apostles and prophets must reflect a correct gospel foundation: . the person and work of Christ as its focus, . spiritual death and resurrection as its method, . and the indwelling Spirit as its power.

Instead, the new apostolic reformation movement, with its emphasis on apostolic authority, "spiritual covering," loyalty, honor, submission, and government, has become the vehicle to build the philosophies and kingdoms of men.

Dr. Stephen Crosby's third book, Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement, probes these and other authority/submission issues from a biblically disciplined, Christ-centered, New Covenant perspective. Within these pages, every believer, church leader, apostle, or prophet who may have wandered from the simplicity of the gospel can find the road to recovery.

From a 5-star review: “Reading this book is like stopping at a scenic overlook for the first time. It may look down on a valley in which you've always lived, but seeing it from a different vantage point brings a new and fresh appreciation for the everyday things that surround you. Familiarity with the up-close details of our own limited environment can actually cause us to lose perspective of where it all fits in context with the rest of the scenery. As we take the effort to get out of our comfort zone, and look at the lay of the land from a broader point of view, everything takes on new and fresh beauty that we couldn't have imagined before. This book breathes new life into the Biblical landscape of authority and submission.

During my life of faith, even as a child or a young man, I have often had inner thoughts and views, concerning the landscape of Kingdom life, which I would be hard-pressed to voice with clarity to someone else. It was like everyone else was seeing the forest, but I was seeing the trees. I knew intuitively, deep inside of me, that what I was seeing was correct, but I couldn't adequately explain myself. Numerous times, while reading this book, I found my spirit saying: "That's it! I knew it all along!"

Much of what Steve shares in this book is in sharp contrast and confrontation to the status quo. It's startling enough to make your eyes pop open wide; but simultaneously with the shock, your spirit shouts, "That's the truth!" A lot of this book cuts to the heart! It hurts. But a skilled surgeon is more concerned with your long-term survival, than with your immediate physical comfort. Reading this book is also like undergoing a spiritual corrective surgery.

Taking in a scenic overlook is fun. Having surgery is not. Both can be necessary in this life.”