Breaking the Spirit of Despair, By Julia Loren with John Sandford

$2.99 BOOK: Breaking the Spirit of Despair: Glimpses of Jesus, 
By Julia Loren with John Sandford.  

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God has not abandoned you. Provision for your healing of depression and/or anxiety awaits you. Countless readers have received “divine appointments” where God suddenly met them as they read about God's healing presence and power. Stories of healing and scriptural encouragement fill the pages of this book. Includes questions for reflection.

The “Glimpses of Jesus” series by Julia Loren reveals Jesus as one who seeks out His beloved to bring healing and restoration. The series will catapult readers into fresh awareness of His deep love, forgiveness and desire for every individual to live in the fullness of the kingdom of God.

Review: Depression and anxiety are both psychological and spiritual conditions. Julia Loren s book calls us away from the imbalance of dealing with them only psychologically, or only emotionally. Once the woundings of the heart that led into depression have been healed, Julia is right, celebration and joy are what God wants us to employ to finally lift away the deepening fogs of depression and bring peace to the anxious. --John Loren Sandford, Co-Founder, Elijah House, who wrote the foreword.

No Amazon reviews yet, but one reader posted these notes while reading it: This is the year of My favor. It is the year that I will take vengeance on My enemy who has sought to destroy your beauty and dash all your hopes and dreams. Let Me heal your broken heart. Let Me free you from your prison of darkness. I promise you this – that from this moment on I will comfort you and dry your tears.

I will provide people who will listen to you and let you grieve until your tears wash away the hard lines on your face and joy steals the enemy’s plans. I hold out a crown to you, my beautiful one. I anoint you with the oil of joy instead of mourning. And here! A garment of praise that I will drape across your shoulders in exchange for the spirit of despair - for you are the one I admire. My unconditional approval is upon you. I have called you by name. You are Mine. And I am yours.

Watch as I do this: I will give you a double portion of prosperity and joy. The time of your suffering is over.  He is saying exactly that to you in Isaiah 61:1-3. Once you meditate on that scripture, freedom comes quickly.