Eyes and Wings By Patricia King & Stacey Campbell

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This is Stacey Campbell’s Eyes and Wings prophecy: a major prophecy for our day, and Patricia King’s commentary and expansion of that prophetic word.

As Stacey’s prophecy declared, and most people would agree, we are at a critical time in history.

We need eyes to see where the Lord is leading His church and we need wings to get there. We know theologically that light overpowers darkness and that righteousness wins the battle over wickedness. Yet, looking around, we see a world filled with moral and spiritual decay. Our culture is contending for entitlements that are opposed to the teachings of the Scriptures — campaigning to endorse the homosexual lifestyle and to redefine marriage to include same sex unions, to promote abortion as a legitimate means of birth control, to legalize the use of marijuana, and much more.

We are called to set an example for those who do not  know Christ, yet we cannot invite the world to join us  on the sinking ship of a worldly, powerless church. We  have a mandate to lead the nations into the awesome,  holy,  and  perfect  Kingdom  of  God’s  dearly  beloved  Son; not into a worldly version of that Kingdom, filled  with beliefs and behaviors destined for destruction.