Healthy and Delicious Low Carb Cooking

Because I know a lot of people who are being real careful about what they’re eating. Hoping this will help 'em.  

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There's a lot of national debate about how so many of us got this way, but most experts agree we're sitting at our desks or on the couch too much and not moving our bodies enough. And yes, there is just too much good food (and bad food) everywhere, including on our dinner plates.

This serious public health issue continues to build, and it is estimated that 73 percent of American adults will be overweight or obese. We are long overdue in reversing this trend!

I hope that this collection of recipes will help you make smart food choices every day. These low-carb recipes - from the Mediterranean Beef Kabobs to the Crab Chowder - taste really good, and I have trimmed fat and calories to make each recipe better for you and your family.

The benefits of smart eating and maintaining a healthy weight are tremendous - including that feel-good feeling every time you look in the mirror.

[From a 5-star review]: “Just the exact information I need and not a bunch of filler to sift through. I am a pescatarian and loved all the sea food options. Some other books I've bought were 99% grilled chicken ideas ;-) Also, I like spicy stuff so was happy to find some spicy dishes in here as well. A big surprise was the "spiced popcorn." Never had it, maybe I will tonight for movie time.”