How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training

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First, if you're looking for advice on how to rob a convenience store, this probably isn't for you. But, if you are looking for a good laugh that actually makes you think, all while seeking to grow your church (or, as the foreword suggests, your business), this may be more your speed.

Cheshire Publishing's first release is the hit book catching fire with pastors and church planters nation wide.

A true underdog story. Journey with these young leaders as they do church their way. A diner, driving school and an odd jobs company are just some of the ways this group used to build a thriving church. In "How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training," author and senior pastor Michael Cheshire brings real-life stories to out of the box church work. 

His humor is unmatched and the insights you get will cut to the core as you journey with him and his team as they build a church from scratch. This book takes you behind the scenes of a radically different way to build a church. It's a valuable resource for those planning to launch a new ministry or for leaders wanting to be more innovative in their community. 

This is not a story of the traditional church. Michael and his team sacrifice more than a few sacred cows in their pursuit of God's calling. If you're determined to pursue a calling in any type of ministry, this book will only make your fire grow.

[From a 5-star review]  I love Michael's perspective on just about everything! I simply couldn't put it down. On several occasions I burst aloud into laughter!! (blinker fluid.... awesome!) I also found my self moved with emotion as my heart was challenged by what I was reading.

Michael does an amazing job of communicating the purpose of the church, all the while his passion leaping off the pages right into your heart! I believe every pastor desires his people to be the church and not just go to church. This book gives innovative ideas of how to practically be the church in real and authentic ways - I LOVE IT!

This book will be a must read for my church staff. It reminds us that ministry is so much more than teaching, preaching and counseling. You can also have a spectacular time in the process!!