Jesus Himself, Andrew Murray

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Jesus Himself, is a very short book that represents two messages that were prepared and preached by Andrew Murray, a South African Minister who lived from 1828 to 1917. The messages contained are simple and timeless. Murray was known for standing in opposition to Humanistic Rationalism and nowhere did he stand more in opposition to it than when he perceived its presence masquerading as Christian Religion. Murray in his ministry and in this book was relentless in bringing the focus back time and time again to the person of Jesus Christ. Murray opposed nothing more than even the hint of a Christless Christianity.

In these short but powerful messages, Murray reveals his "secret" to powerful Christian living. It's really no secret at all, but is profound in its simplicity. The "secret" to the Christian life is exclusive and complete reliance upon Jesus Christ to accomplish everything He has promised within us without our attempts to "help" Him along the way.

While reading this work I was struck by the irony that many of the beliefs and self-reliance that Murray identifies and confronts are no less timely and pertinent than they apparently were at the time of their original writing. Murray's writings as a whole went on to have a profound impact upon many revival movements, particularly in Wales and Murray also was very influential in the subsequent ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee and their call to personal holiness apart from reliance upon our own efforts and abilities.

I read this book on the Kindle where it is available as a free download. Don't let the price fool you however as to its true value. The Kindle version reads well and there are no difficulties with navigating the work in that medium as opposed to a traditional book.

5 stars. A wonderful introduction to Murray as well as in invitation to explore more of his writings which remain as timely now as they were in the past.