An Update. And a Request.

NWP-Books has been going for a little over three weeks. What do you think? 

We're always looking for recommendations for good books (not just Christian books) for Kingdom folks: 
  • Good books that are free. 
  • Good books that are almost free. 
  • Excellent books that stand out from the crowd. 
If you have a book to recommend, let us know:

Email us at: books@northwestprophetic.com 
Message us at: www.facebook.com/NWPBooks

Here's what's been popular so far: these are the winners, and there's room to infer that these are the topics that interest people. Early indications are that there's a measure of success here, that people are interested, that it's meeting a need.

Don't forget to subscribe, either Subscribe by email here, or in Facebook (via NetworkedBlogs) here (both are on the website). And yet another reminder: for many of these, "Free" doesn't last long. If you want it, grab it quick!