Salad Of The Week: 52 Amazing Salad Recipes

FREE BOOK: Salad Of The Week: 52 Amazing Salad Recipes For Weight Loss And Healthy Eating "The Delicious Way"
By Lisa Brown

Who says the only books we can talk about are about spiritual topics? We all have to eat, and many of us are  trying to eat healthier, and are therefore eating more salad-y meals.

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The recipes in the book are good, though they’re not going to be world-changing for salad snobs. They’re not boring salads: some interesting things in here. There are no photos. There are several tricks that I (who am NOT a salad snob; I’m more of a barbecue snob!) found helpful.

The author hopes to publish this as a full-color print version of the book, so she’s asking for readers to send her photos of the salads, for which she will pay cash. Nice idea.

The author is pretty excited about her book:

Dear Friend,

If you’ll decide to invest in this manual then this probably going to turn out to be the most delicious and healthiest move you’ve ever made in the field of buying cookbooks.

The 52 recipes from this book should remove almost every single roadblock that has ever stopped you from making healthy and more importantly delicious salads.

WARNING: This Is NOT A Common Salad Recipes Book You May Have Seen. This is not just basically iceberg lettuce with different dressings and veggies thrown on top… In this vegetarian/vegan cookbook all the salads are really different from each other.

Also, you'll find plenty of useful tips, tricks, and interesting facts…

Here Are Some More Important Reasons Why You Might Want To Get This Book:
You'll discover how to make regular salad ingredients taste far, far better, by preparing them in a special way…

The unexpected way revealed in the first section will enable you to earn a bunch of money trying these recipes for yourself!

This cookbook will prove useful for just about everyone, including vegetarians and vegans.
Granted it is NOT strictly vegetarian but most of the salad recipes are vegetarian or vegan and with simple adaptations they can all be.