The Autobiography of Hudson Taylor: Missionary to China (Illustrated)

This man changed the world. Revolutionary! 

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The autobiography of the founder of the China Inland Mission and his Christian Missionary endeavors in the late 19th century. An inspiring autobiography to rely on God the Father to answer prayers.

From a 5-star review: “For years I knew Hudson Taylor only as 'the missionary who opened China'... Then one Sunday after a church service, I browsed through the church library and skimmed through this little gem.

I eventually purchased my own copy, and it's one of the greatest adventure stories I've ever read - right up there with Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe and Pilgrim's Progress. Taylor's memoirs surpasses these books of fiction by being a real-life, true narrative of his desire to fulfill his dream (and God's calling) of going to China to spread the Gospel of Christ and serve in a professional medical capacity.

As a very young Englishman, he threw away his feather bed and put himself on a strict diet of oatmeal and rice in preparation for his future in China among the poor and often starving. Little did he know that sleeping on a wooden floor with a diet of gruel was luxury compared to what he was to endure in China.

His gift for writing makes his journaling a real pleasure to read and I cannot recommend this little action-packed story high enough. I wish every young teen was made to read it today in this country of entitlements, welfare, hand-outs, and liberal irresponsibility. Real advice for genuine Seekers struggling with no direction or purpose for their lives...