The Dancing Hand of God, James Maloney

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James Maloney is the real deal: an apostle with signs and wonders (and three doctorate degrees!), he’s been teaching and demonstrating the Kingdom longer than most of us have been alive.

"James Maloney’s life began with abuse, rejection and fear.  His is an all-too-typical story of an unwanted baby who became suicidal at the age of fourteen.  But all of that changed New Year’s Day 1971, when in a moment of greatest despair, James cried out for an answer:  “God, if You’re really real, You’re going to have to reveal Yourself to me, because I can’t take this anymore!”

The Lord Jesus Christ provided that answer, appearing to the teenager in a cloud of glory, two outstretched hands reaching for the tormented youth, with the most magnificent words ever uttered:  “I have heard your cry for acceptance.  I have heard your cry for reality, and I love you just the way that you are.”

Nearly forty years later, the result of that dynamic encounter is The Dancing Hand of God.  More than an autobiography, this book is a manual to equip the people of God with an apostolic spirit, dispelling the world’s misconceptions of our Father through the release of the miraculous.  It deals with some of the hindrances people face, including isolation, fear and sin.  It is a book on the supernatural coupled with practical information on the function of the apostle to operate in signs, wonders and mighty deeds with all perseverance.

The Dancing Hand of God describes one man’s intense desire to see the manifest presence of Jesus Christ, the release of the Spirit, and how he believes an encounter with the Father is just what every person needs!

“I need books like The Dancing Hand of God…  I pray that as you read this book your heart will burn — burn with new passion for God, burn with hunger for truth, and burn with desire for the authentic gospel that displays miracles, signs and wonders.  The ingredients needed for such a fire exist on the pages of The Dancing Hand of God.”

— Bill Johnson from the Foreword"

[From a 5-star review]: "After reading James Maloney's books of the Golden Candlestick ladies,I couldn't wait to read more of his writings. Because I started my spiritual journey during the Jesus Movement, as James did, I could relate to his teachings and testimonies. For many years, I too had to wait to see the Apostolic annointing coming to His Church as we're seeing it today. And it's only just begun! James is a Kingdom-minded apostolic teacher and understands what Father is doing in the earth today, without the hindrances of religeous traditions. After reading this book we should all expect to be used mightily of God."