The Essential Guide to Healing By Bill Johnson & Randy Clark

The Essential Guide to Healing 

http://amzn.to/1bVTVIx [Kindle version $2.51!] 

If you want to learn from the best, this would be the book for you. These are the two leading healing apostles in the western world today. Even Praying Medic recommends this one!  

Premier Renewal Leaders Present Complete, Accessible Guide to Healing Ministry

The Bible is full of accounts of miraculous healing. And God is moving as amazingly today as he was back then. Thousands are being healed all over the world--and his children are part of it.

For the first time, premier renewal leaders Bill Johnson and Randy Clark team up to equip Christians to minister healing. Grounded from start to finish in Scripture, Johnson and Clark lay out the rich theological and historical foundation for healing in the church today. Full of inspiring stories, this book offers practical, proven, step-by-step guidance to ministering healing, including how to:

• understand the authority of the believer in healing
• create an atmosphere of faith
• receive words of knowledge
• implement the five-step model of healing prayer

The ministry of healing is not reserved for a select few. God's miraculous healing is part of the Good News--and every believer can become a conduit for his healing power.

From one of many 5-star reviews: “Randy and Bill have managed to summarize the entire area of healing in one fairly-short and very easy to read book. They succinctly summarize the theology behind it (and where the theology had digressed over the years). They clearly explain how and why God heals today, and they even teach very honestly and plainly on how to receive words of knowledge (one way God speaks to His children today).

This book is priceless. And I will personally recommend it to anyone and everyone as the BEST book available today on the subject of Healing.

Save yourself lots of hunting and searching for the nuts and bolts of healing, and check out this gem.”