The Man at the Door (Christian Historical Fiction)

FREE BOOK: The Man at the Door
(Christian Historical Fiction)
By Elizabeth Carr

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I don’t know the book, but it’s recommended by someone trustworthy. It’s well-rated, and it’s #12 in Amazon’s Christian Historical Fiction category.

The man at the door carries a vital message for the King of Caelius, but he is mortally wounded and near death when he knocks at Elspeth's door. The young woman, living alone in a ramshackle house, at the edge of starvation is stunned by the arrival and death of the messenger. Abandoned by her abusive father and left to care for her sickly mother until her death, she struggles to survive both physically and emotionally and fantasizes about rescue by the young Prince of Caelius to ease her misery. Seizing the opportunity to chase her fantasy, she sets out on the man’s horse to deliver the message herself.

Arriving at the castle, Elspeth delivers the message to King Fredric, who warmly welcomes her, offering her acceptance and love. But trusting his response is a difficult venture: she must reconcile it with her lowly, abusive past, while facing her fears, and embracing the longings she has denied for a lifetime. Struggling with her inability to trust, she makes an astounding discovery that changes everything.

[From a 5-star review]: “This was an amazing story. If I look at it as just a story, it was a moving, emotional story that kept me wondering and thinking about it. Well written, with enough suspense and evil vs. good to satisfy anyone looking for a good tale about knights, damsels, and a king. As an allegory, this was just simply amazing. Many times the teachings were crystal clear, reminding me of the blessings I have received at the hand of a benevolent King.

I felt Elspeth's fear, I've been there.....I've heard those whisperings and denigrations too. I also have felt the love that helps Elspeth heal and find her true self. This story moved me to tears many times, for numerous different reasons. Self reflection is not necessarily something I like in a book, however, this story made me glad I was able to see myself in Elspeth. I learned a lot and was reminded of a whole bunch of things that I have forgotten. I highly recommend this story with all the fiber of my being. I will be promoting it to everyone I know!