The Prophet's Dictionary

EXCELLENT BOOK: The Prophet's Dictionary  
By Paula A. Price, Ph.D. 

This is my favorite tool for interpreting both dreams and visions.

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The Prophet's Dictionary is an essential tool for laymen, prophets, prophesiers, pastors, intercessors, and dreamers of dreams. As an all-in-one dictionary and reference book containing over 1,600 relevant definitions of terms and phrases for the prophetic realm of Christian ministry, it will show you how to:

Experience the power of the gifts of prophesy
Understand their operation in our modern world
Correctly interpret and apply God's prophetic words
Distinguish between true and false prophets
Differentiate between spiritual and natural dreams
Understand God-given dreams
Develop your spiritual gifts

In addition, the author exposes ancient religious seductions and how they have infiltrated movies, television, and books. Prophetic visions and clues to interpreting their symbolism, imagery, and signs are also included.

People from all walks of life can benefit as this book aids in the understanding of what may be expected from prophets or the prophetic ministry. Delve deeper and you will find much more. God speaks to us today!

[From a 5-star review]:This incredible book both defines and expounds upon nearly every word you can think of concerning the prophet, his or her office, and function. Dr. Price has done thorough research and careful compilation to ensure a credible and easy-to-use manual for those who are prophetic, who are interested in prophetics, who are budding or seasoned prophets, and who are simply curious about the prophetic. If you have unexplainable dreams, strange visions, a wondering mind, or if you have heard some confusing things concerning the prophetic, don't wait any longer. Find out for yourself--get some answers at last!”