The Right Guy for the Right Girl

Hint: If you’re single, and you don’t want to be, this is probably an excellent book for you! Men AND women.

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Just another book for singles? No! The Right Guy for the Right Girl emphasizes the state of your heart, not your marital status. It is not about finding the right woman, but about being the right man. In response to the wildly successful Lady in Waiting book, The Right Guy for the Right Girl is full of answers to questions all men have regarding relationships. It nudges you closer to God, while acknowledging longings you have to be loved and cherished by a woman.

Life-changing qualities thoroughly discussed and biblically supported include:
·        Reckless abandonment 
·        Faith   
·        Virtue 
·        Purity 
·        Security                    
The ten qualities focused on throughout The Right Guy for the Right Girl will not only enhance your relationship with your heavenly Lover, but also guide you as a single man, guard you while you date, support you in marriage, and comfort you if you become widowed or divorced.


[From a 5-star review]: “Great read! In this day and age especially being a girl in the church, sometimes you feel like the expectations of waiting for a godly guy that has godly principals is not realistic. This book reassures you that they are! I wish every guy would read this to see what we girls really want and desperately NEED from them!