The Runaway Pastor’s Wife By Diane Moody

By Diane Moody (Looks like several of her books are free right now!) 

My personal view is that a pastor’s wife is a harder job than the pastor’s.    

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What could possibly drive a pastor's wife to run away from home?

After years of frustration from life in a church fishbowl, Annie McGregor walks away from it all and boards a plane for Colorado. She has no way of knowing her college sweetheart is headed to the same cabin in the Rockies, terrified and gravely wounded. Their unexpected reunion couldn't have come at a worse time. Or could it? Bewildered that God would allow Michael Dean to walk back into her life, Annie pleads with Him to keep her heart true to her husband and her family. God answers her prayer, but in a way she would never expect.

Written by a former pastor's wife, Annie's story provides a rare look inside the family life of those in the ministry, particularly the unique pressures on those who marry men of God.

A handful of quick reviews:

"I think it was about the best book I have ever read. It just had everything going for it."

"Runaway Pastor's Wife went beyond any expectation I could possibly have. It has the clear message of God's love with the page turning suspense of a John Grisham novel."

"I just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it cover to cover. This multifaceted story gives the reader a pretty full dose of intense drama, suspense, good vs evil, spiritual challenges and even a little romantic intrigue; all of which take an unexpected twist in the end."

"This was a very good book. Had a lot of drama & just when you think you have it figured out, it turns around again!! Awesome ....5 stars!!!"

"For me this book was hard to put down. Not being a very religious person I appreciated the lesson learned about God. I would recommend this book to ALL readers."