Warrior Poet: Before David Was King

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We know David as a notorious lover, murderer, military leader, and poet whose music left an indelible mark on the world that continues to this day. But what we do not know, and this book unveils, are the hidden influences that branded this conflicted young prodigy and fixed the trajectory of his turbulent life. Warrior Poet tells the untold story of a young man struggling with prodigious gifts and crushing weaknesses.

This story of a real and complex man will encourage all of us not to allow our falls and failures to define us.

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The son of missionary parents, Timothy J. Stoner grew up in Chile and Spain. After graduating from Cedarville University and attending Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Stoner graduated from Cooley Law School in 1987. Timothy and Patty, his wife of over thirty years, have five children.

His previous book, The God Who Smokes: Scandalous Meditations on Faith, is rated highly.