Words to His Beloved Bride, By Jeffrey K Stewart

FREE BOOK: Words to His Beloved Bride: You Can Walk Like Jesus Walked Here On The Earth.  
By Jeffrey K Stewart  

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Jeff is a FB friend. He started out as a good Lutheran in North Carolina, and is now a Spirit-filled missionary in Kenya. He says that Reinhard Bonnke’s prayer busted him: “Lord, please use me in this world-wide revival.” Now he’s preaching the gospel in Kenya

About his book: 

A hundred years ago, the Lord restored the truth of Baptism in the Holy Spirit to His Church, to EMPOWER His Church to complete the Great Commission. Now, He is showing us that we should also be full of His Word, to transform His Bride into ALL He meant for her to be.

As Wigglesworth once prophesied, the Greatest move of God to ever occur will be a combination of Holy Spirit AND Word, because its when we walk full of both, He can fully use us to the greatest degree.