40 Gluten Free Rice Flour Recipes For All Occasions

Free Book: Rice Flour Recipes - 40 Gluten Free Rice Flour Recipes For All Occasions  

SO many believers are avoiding gluten! This might help you for potlucks!  

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I see that she has a bunch of $2.99 recipe books; one features almond flour, another coconut flour, and a whole lot of slow cooker recipes.

Publisher says: Are you looking for a versatile gluten-free flour that doesn’t need special treatment or added ingredients? Do you love baking and want to enjoy your food without worrying about your waistline?

Rice flour is easy to use and widely available. It can be used to thicken sauces, coat meat and is great in any stovetop or oven-baked recipe. Brown and white rice flour are both naturally gluten-free and suitable for those with celiac disease.

Rice flour has less calories than wheat, a lower glycaemic index and is a good choice of flour for dieters. Containing a wide range of B vitamins and essential minerals for optimal body performance, brown rice flour is hard to beat.

The following delicious recipes are just a taste of what this book has to offer.

* Banana Rice Bread
* Ace Flour Base
* Berry Peach Cobbler
* Almond Honey Drops
* Coconut Sticky Rice Cakes
* Spicy Thai Chicken
* Persian Cupcakes
* Wholemeal rice Crepes
* Mexican Rice Tortillas
* Chicken Nuggets in Mango Sauce

From breakfast to dessert, rice flour is the number one gluten-free flour. These recipes are sure to become quick family favorites. Enjoy!

From a 5-star review: You won't find exotic recipes here. I want to try almost every recipe in this book - it even included onion rings for my husband, who usually goes out to eat just to get those. The recipes are for basic foods - muffins, pancakes, breads, cakes, chicken, a handy rice flour baking base, crepes, tortillas, donuts, fish and chips. Some recipes included fruit, such as muffins and cobblers, and some of the pancakes included bananas or potatoes. (My husband's family often used their leftover mashed potatoes to make pancakes.) There are variations given for most recipes for different flavors, and useful cooking tips too. All in all a resource I will surely use!