Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers

FREE BOOK: Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers 

[Comment: Delirious? was the third string band at their church, and God took them another direction.]

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Martin Smith—one of the leading voices in the modern worship movement—shares his story, his insight, and his challenge to change the world.

For seventeen years, Smith held the microphone for Delirious?—the mega-selling, Dove Award-winning, Grammy-nominated band that helped bring the modern worship movement into existence. Here Martin reflects on everything from the craft of leading worship to the challenges of parenthood to how to find a place of compassion within a culture of consumerism.

Along the way, he challenges readers: Are you going to be spectators—or agents of change? Are you going to read history—or make it happen? Are you just going to sing the songs—or will you live them out? Always personal and often surprising, Smith’s story will spur readers to embrace the action God wants them to take.

From a 5-star review: Christian band Delirious? rocked the world and changed lives for 17 years, producing 15 albums and 22 singles in the process, much of which was played here on Seattle radio stations. This is the story of what went on behind the scenes and Martin Smith's life from childhood to life with his own family.

Delirious by Martin Smith spills his heart right from the get-go in this book. He talks not only about living as a Christian even in the other cultures that he toured through, but living a life of compassion and how he worked out all of that (including the touring) with his family life. Through all the ups and the downs, they stuck together and they learned that their family was bigger than just flesh and blood relations.

Martin tells of their trials throughout the recording industry. He touches on struggles he faced while being out for months at a time. Missing time throughout his childrens' lives while being on tour was one downside. But at the same time I'm sure he wouldn't have traded those experiences, some of which changed his life. One of which was an encounter with a lovely little girl in India whose situation stirred his heart at a deep level. This led to starting a charity, CompassionART, with his wife. Through it they helped to stop human trafficking. 

But all through their whole life as a band, they had their families, and the now combined family they have formed with all the band members.

This is a great book to go along with his wife's more light-hearted and funnier Meet Mrs. Smith [from $0.42]. Martin's book is intense with a lot of depth to it. Not only is it an autobiography but also his story of the band and his experiences with it. A must read for any Delirious? fan or just anyone in general, especially Christians who enjoy being both challenged and inspired.