Faith and the Twin Forces of Patience

http://amzn.to/OW9JGv [Kindle is free now] 

Do you consider patience as a frustrating process in the Christian life? Have you ever believed God for something, and then felt like you were shoved into a prison called ‘patience’ while you suffered, served your time, until finally God graciously opened His hand to grant your request?

It is time to strip away these misconceptions and take a new look at the powerful combination of faith and these dynamic twin forces of patience in the believer’s life. In fact, the closer we look at the powerful DNA of faith, we will see the double helix of these two forces of patience that give faith its true backbone of strength to overcome.

This book will give you a new perspective on how your faith will manifest God’s reality in your life, and how each force of patience will position you to consistently walk in this victory of faith.

With a strong teaching gift, Timothy Jorgensen ministers internationally with a passion to raise up breakthrough believers of all ages and backgrounds. 

He is a graduate of Spirit Life Bible College in California, and School of the Prophets in Malaysia, and holds ordination through John G. Lake Ministries and is Wisconsin State Director for JGLM. He has spent years ministering in the US, New Zealand, Indonesia, Nepal and Malaysia.