Free and $.99 Books From Dad Hagin

Good Books by Kenneth E Hagin  

http://bit.ly/KennethEHagin [Dad Hagin’s page]  

Several of Dad Hagin’s short books are free right now, and several more are only $0.99. 

Kenneth Hagin was a true apostle. He was considered the father of the Faith Movement (which took his teachings much farther than he ever took them), and his understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven was remarkable. 

I love his understanding of who we are, and whose we are, and application of that as we walk out our life on earth. 

http://bit.ly/KennethEHagin [Dad Hagin’s page]  

FREE BOOK: A Better Covenant    
http://amzn.to/1mFfNRD [Kindle free; paper from a buck]

This is a little (21-page) booklet is about the covenant that we live under. The Body of Christ has wonderful rights and privileges under the New Covenant because it was established upon better promises.

This minibook explores why people fall under the power of God, citing as evidence Church history records from Bible days to today.

FREE BOOK: Plead Your Case

Joining forces with God the Father through prayer and carrying out His will upon the earth is the covenant right of every New Testament believer!

$0.99 BOOK: Learning to Flow With the Spirit of God

There is a very fine line between real spirituality, and fanaticism and excess. Discover how to yield to the Spirit of God individually and corporately.

$0.90 BOOK: Words.

Yesterday's words shape life today. Discover how the words we speak affect families, health and success.

This minibook explains why salvation, healing, and many other blessings belong to the believer through the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ!