Hyper-Grace: The Dangerous Doctrine of a Happy God. by DR Silva

By D.R.Silva.

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In D. R. Silva's latest book, he once again challenges the giants of Christian tradition, confronting the popular assumptions, misconceptions and false accusations brought against the "the modern grace message." In this book, he tells you what is and isn't being said by those in today's "Grace movement," and answers some of the most common questions and concerns:

o        Are followers in the "hyper-grace" movement really being told it's okay to sin and live immoral lives because we have grace?
o        Do "hyper-grace" teachers believe that repentance and confession are has-been concepts only applicable under the Old Covenant?
o        Do "hyper-grace" teachers hate the Law?
o        Are they ignoring the words of Jesus? Or actually taking them seriously?
o        Has God only forgiven your past sins, and left it completely up to you to get your future sins forgiven?
o        Is this "doctrine" one step away from Universalism?

In this short and practical book, you will get a basic understanding of the foundational ideas of "the modern Grace message." You will see that the "hyper-grace" teachings that are being opposed today are actually Biblical concepts found in scripture, and that this is the same Gospel Paul preached and defended passionately.

This book also provides many scriptures to prove that it's actually the popular church traditions of today that are leading people into sin and deception, causing them to fall from Grace and become separated from Christ.

Like all of the great reformations in the past, we have once again reached a vital fork in the road where we must make the choice of whether we will desperately cling to our old traditions (which Jesus warned, "nullify the word of God"), or if we will actually "test everything" for ourselves and consider whether or not this is the gospel of good news that our traditions have kept hidden from us for so long.

Where we choose to go next will have a tremendous impact on the future of the church and the world, for many generations to come. Let us choose wisely then, not coming to conclusions impulsively!

In a time where "balance" has become a huge spiritual buzzword, don't be led astray by unbalanced claims and religious propaganda.

From a 5-star review: In a straight-forward, grace honoring expose', D.R Silva answers the critics in this short but powerful book about the half-truths being told against Grace teachers. The first thing that struck me in the book was how this attack has been going on since Paul first heard the gospel from Jesus in the wilderness for three years. Those that attack grace literally are attacking Jesus and Paul his apostle of grace... of course this is nothing new.

D.R goes point by point, half truth by half truth and clearly and scripturally shares what Grace teachers ARE saying, not what people SAY they are saying. As a person who has studied, learned, been changed by the Grace message for the last 16 years, I can say honestly this is one of the best books I have read to bring clarity to the nonsense that is being said about the Grace movement. My only negative about the book is that it's too short. I couldn't believe when I was done. Its definitely worth the read, whether you are a "gracer" or a person who has been warned against believing the Gospel (good news) by a well meaning Pastor. Read it, pass it on and rejoice in this Happy God who loves us so much that he has freed us from bondage to sin.”