Learning to Love: Passion, Compassion and the Essence of the Gospel, by Heidi & Rolland Baker

$1.99 BOOK: Learning to Love: Passion, Compassion and the Essence of the Gospel  

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Missionary Leaders Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses from Africa 

Continuing where their book Expecting Miracles left off, this narrative draws from the last five years of the life of Iris Ministries. Woven alongside fascinating narrative from Mozambique is teaching from Heidi and Rolland that communicates the distilled wisdom about the heart of the Gospel
from all their years of serving the poor.

More than any of their previous books, this one has the most to say about what Rolland and Heidi have learned about love--whether in Africa or wherever home might be: finding intimacy with Jesus, concentrating on the humble and lowly, being willing to suffer for love's sake, finding God's supply of utterly needed miracles, and walking in the unquenchable joy of the Lord. Every reader will find incredible challenge and refreshment in these pages.

From a 5-star review: Ever wonder what your destiny is? Heidi and Rolland Baker believe that "Wherever you end up and whatever you do, your destiny is this: to be fully possessed by God's presence. To carry his glory. Then...you are His resting place, and all that can be there is life and beauty."

The Bakers are founders of Iris Ministries, and have been missionaries to Mozambique since 1995. They care for over 10,000 children through their ministry, and many more through the Iris network of more than 10,000 churches, Bible school, primary schools and remote outreach programs.

This book is a conversation, sometimes told by Heidi, and sometimes by Rolland, of experiences and truths learned through being filled with God's love and listening to His voice. In Mozambique, one of the most dangerous and poor places in the world to live, lives and even whole villages change because the power of God is demonstrated so mightily. The Bakers believe that God's love is the answer and they live that way. They expect Him to meet needs, big and small. Healings and miraculous provision happen regularly.

The Bakers have learned some important truths that will encourage all of us. People often ask them how and why these things happen with such regularity in Mozambique. "Where does the kind of faith that soars come from? It comes from love, from knowing who Jesus is, from understanding what He thinks of you and realizing who He has made you to be. When you are in love, you have power. When you start to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, you start to get full of God and full of the understanding that whatever He asks of you to do, you can do; that wherever He asks you to go, you can go. You can live on the edge, because even in the darkest places, light is waiting there for you. His love, His light in you and me. Passion: It makes us unstoppable."

The simple message conveyed in this book is "Love God and love the one in front of you." Nothing else matters more than that. Love is action. Ministry is looking to the interests and needs of others, caring more about others than about ourselves. Loving ourselves so that we can love others means we understand how much God loves us, just as we are. He loves who we are right now and who we can become. He sees our hearts.

Interspersed in with incredible faith building stories is encouragement for all of us, no matter where we live and what we do, to fulfill our God-given destiny.

God's love is the starting point for true change and Learning to Love explains it well! Despite the journal format of the book being a little distracting, it is most definitely a recommended read!

I generously received a free copy of Learning to Love from Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review.