Leave (Stories from a Restless Heart)

FREE BOOK: Leave (Stories from a Restless Heart)
By Micah J Murray 

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“The words you are about to read were scattered on now-abandoned corners of the internet between the fall of 2006 and the summer of 2007, when I was twenty years old.

That was worlds ago.

But some days, when I’m quiet enough to listen,
I can still hear these words whispering in my heart.

Maybe you can hear them too.”

Here’s what readers are saying:

“This book of haunting, yearning prose that reads like a prayer is a window into the struggle that created and sculpted your message. It’s like you can almost feel God whispering from the pages: “Someday.” And it reminds me to never stop reaching for that someday in my own life.” - Mandy Hale

“Micah Murray is taller than you’d expect. You might think that this doesn’t have anything to do with writing a book, but it does. Tall people can see more of the world at any one time. And from this book, it’s clear that Micah Murray can see a lot. Because he’s tall.” – Ben Howard

“If a story isn’t honest, I get bored with it. These fragments from Micah are true, marked with that sweet sadness before experience teaches you more than your soul can carry without breaking. I wasn’t bored.” – Hännah Ettinger