Stories of the Supernatural: Finding God in Walmart and Other Unlikely Places

GREAT BOOK: Stories of the Supernatural: Finding God in Walmart and Other Unlikely Places  

[Personal Testimony: this is one of the funnest books that I’ve read! Full of hope and glory in everyday shoes!]

http://amzn.to/1aVVv00 [Kindle version, only $.99!]  

A high witch is saved and healed in Walmart, a whole tribe comes to Jesus, blind eyes opening and cripples walking, the Dead Raising Team... These are just a few of the accounts you will find in this book of stories. Each testimony consists of some sort of miraculous event such as a healing, a word of knowledge, or an encounter with supernatural Love. As you read this book you will not be able to avoid being challenged, entertained, encouraged, built up in your faith, and filled with desire for more of Jesus.

Stories of the Supernatural is a book that will refresh, encourage and inspire. It is a compilation of stories about extraordinary acts of courage that bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth manifest in miracles, signs, and wonders. Each chapter has an amazing story of people encountering God through the simple courage of a believer. These testimonies also bring an instructional element as the author candidly reveals the how to behind each story. In reading this book you will be encouraged and challenged to see God invade the lives of those around you. --Bill Johnson Pastor of Bethel Church, Redding, CA

From a 5-star review: When I first heard about this guy who believes all this stuff and that he is part of a team of people who go to accidents where people have died to pray for ressurection. I thought this guy is either brave or stupid. It turns out he is neither. Simply he is someone who is prepared to take God at his word. I was so surprised, excited and encouraged by this book I went on to read his next one entitled How to Raise the Dead. Ha yeah offensive right ? what a title. But for me I love the simple fact that this guy will risk being outcast by just standing up when many in the church sit down. Moreover he does this in the streets, in shops, in fact anywhere !! As I read this book I became aware that his love for people his pursuit of this idea that God is Good and he wants the best for us is greater than his fear of ridicule or the rejection he would be inviting. Here is a man who simply loves Jesus and takes him at his word. I am sure many people will want to have a go or pick holes or accuse him of all kinds of stuff. But you know what, I love this guy for making me believe in miracles again for refreshing my courage so I might go and pray for someones cancer to go .. not a cold or an aching shoulder but CANCER the big stuff the hard stuff. I love this book for inspiring me to reread the bible and fall in love with it all over again. It is warm funny exciting and inspiring some of it I hold my own counsel on. But all of it is inspiring and if you are serious about your pursuit of Jesus then you should read this book !!