Teach Me To Pray By Andrew Murray

$0.99 BOOK: Teach Me To Pray  
By Andrew Murray  

This is one of the classics, from one of the masters! 

http://amzn.to/1gYDzzT [Kindle: $.99; paper from $.001] 

Contemporary Christians know that God answers prayer and that praying is important, but most also wish their prayer life could be more effective. Murray instructs readers from Scripture and the life of Jesus that prayer is the root and strength of all work for God, that God intends to answer every prayer, and that prayer is meant to be a way of life.

This is a collection of carefully-excerpted devotionals from the writings of Andrew Murray. Bringing together 180 selections from Murray’s writings, it addresses issues like the Holy Spirit, faith, obedience, love, and more. Text is lightly updated for ease of reading, and handsomely packaged for gift-giving.

This a great devotional that will inspire you to pray more and will also teach you things about prayer that you may not have known. It is one of the greatest books on prayer that I have read. It is so good that I will on occasion take it with me just to read sections of it. It has a scripture index in the back that can give you new insights to specific bible verses. It also one of the few books are prayer that combines God's love with prayer.