The Ivory Ferret: The story of one girl's difficult decision to enter the next season of her life.

FREE BOOK: The Ivory Ferret: The story of one girl's difficult decision to enter the next season of her life. 
By Melody Paasch 

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The Ivory Ferret is true a story about a girl who made a very difficult decision, so that she could be closer to God. And God, gives a beautiful reward by making perfect provision for her sacrifice.  

I’ve featured this before, because it’s a great story, because it’s a great lesson, because Melody is a great friend, and a great gift to all of us!

From a 5-star review: The Ivory Ferret is written simply enough for a child, but speaks to the child in all of us. I was drawn into this story about a girl's love of her dear pet, her choice to move forward in her life, and how Creator honored both of her desires. It's an encouraging message but with real-life consequences! It is a good length with entertaining artistry that could further discussion with our children, friends and family. I highly recommend this book for all all ages. I've given it as gifts and will use it in the classroom as well.

Eventually I will get through the book without crying, but it hasn't happened yet. This is a beautiful story showing God's faithfulness, even when it comes to our pets. It's a great message for kids to build faith that God will answer their prayers as well as an example of how He speaks. I find myself chuckling at some of Alabaster's antics in the illustrations, and then of course the cry-fest at the end when the heroine of the story makes her decision and God provides the perfect solution.

About the Author

Melody Paasch is an experienced teacher, speaker, prophetic voice, and dream interpreter. Her desire is to see people moving into destiny by hearing Creator's heartbeat. She travels nationally and internationally, spreading fresh revelation of Creator's love.