The Prophetic Supernatural Experience

By Matthew Robert Payne, Laurie Hicks, Bjarki Clausen (Illustrator) 

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Elijah called fire down from heaven, Joseph the Dreamer ranked next to Pharaoh, Samuel anointed King David, Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar's dreams, Ezekiel breathed on the dry bones, and John the Baptist prepared the way of the Lord.

From the Old Testament to the New Testament and in today's day and age, PROPHETS come and go.

Bearing God's message, bringing His judgments, giving answers to problems, calling things to life, pointing people back to Him.

Prophets . . . called . . . appointed . . . trained . . . ordained.

The Prophetic Supernatural Experience is a groundbreaking resource on biblical prophecy, the prophetic office, and the training of a prophet. God still speaks through His prophets and He wants to equip those called to this gift and ministry through this comprehensive guidebook on moving into this anointing.

Whether you are a seasoned prophet, a prophet in training, a beginner in the prophetic, or a new believer, prophet Matthew Robert Payne and prophetess Laurie Hicks mentor you on how you can respond to God's call in your life and live the life of a prophet. Through The Prophetic Supernatural Experience, you will

Discover your anointing in life
Understand why training is needed for a prophet
Recognize the tools necessary for living out this call
Harness your gift to help the lost
Overcome hindrances to this ministry
Learn about stories of the supernatural

The prophetic office is not limited to only a select few. You can prophesy to a stranger on the streets, through email or chat, or anywhere God leads you. He calls every believer to deliver His message at His opportune time and set people free, heal their body, restore relationships, bless them in every way, and save their soul. The Prophetic Supernatural Experience provides you with biblical principles that will help you to impact lives and imitate Jesus' powerful life here on earth.

From a 5-star review: The Prophetic Supernatural Experience truly is a remarkable book, created by remarkable people. Harvesting all of the wonders of the Bible in respect to prophesy in such a natural, understandable way, the authors, Matthew Robert Payne and Laurie Hicks, methodically introduce and share believable life experiences thrown at them that developed into spiritual revelations leading to the pathway of prophecy. The wealth of information is amazing.

Prophecy is explained in a simple way so that to show this gift is from God. Warm and personal, every chapter comes to life with important information about today's prophets. Blending God's supernatural powers with a pinch of psychological insight, the drama of living to prophesize unfolds. Written so beginners will understand and anyone at all with curiosity will find it worth reading. It's a guide for learning about prophecy and how to deal with it, if you are chosen by God.