Understanding The Book Of Job - Separating What Is True From What Is Truth

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It is safe to say at the very least, that the Bible is a fascinating book. A book full of many true tails, even struggles and disappointments, along with much information intended to help people grow and mature in their relationship with God.

After all, it is impossible to have a positive relationship with someone we have not gotten to know and this principal applies to all relationships including one with God. While there are many ways to get to know our Heavenly Father, reading the Bible is one of the most important tools provided for us. However: many shy away from reading the Old Testament for various reasons, and one reason high on most peoples list is due to the "gloom and doom".

However, not reading the Old Testament portion of the Bible is similar to using half of the pieces to a 1000 piece puzzle. We will never see the big picture if we only use half of the pieces included. One of the most misunderstood and misused books of the Bible is the book of Job. Yes, the book of Job is filled with suffering and difficult times in the life of Job and his family and friends. In turn the book of Job has become a favorite among many when it comes to dealing with difficult times in their own life or the lives of others.

This particular take, on the book of Job however, is written to help us understand the lessons than can be learned from Job's life, as well as a better understanding of the character and nature of God Himself, by taking a look at the oldest book in the Bible, from a different angle. When we do so, I believe we will see things we never would have seen without changing the lens we view this incredible story through.