Public Speaking Secrets Exposed: How to Master the Art of Public Speaking and Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking Forever

After reading this book you will be able to make use of the time tested strategies that have been used by some of the world’s best speakers. You will greatly improve your art of public speaking and presentation skills.

You will be able to captivate any audience in any situation…be it a motivational speech, business presentation or ceremonial speeches.

Well many speaking coaches will tell to that to master this art of public speaking you need to practice but they won’t tell you How To Practice; in this book I give you a Master Plan on how to Supercharge to results that you want in 5 Weeks not Years.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

·         How to captivate the audience like a rock star...
·         The surefire system for writing great speeches and keep your creative juices flowing
·         The 3 cardinal foundations to being a great speaker and how to take advantage of them
·         How to overcome the fear of public speaking before and during your speeches
·         How to Create Instant Confidence at Will
·         How to improve your Voice

Discover unbreakable laws of arousing people to take the action you want
You get a Master Plan to Supercharge Your Public Speaking in 5 weeks

Also a simple Self Evaluation Form to enable you Rehearse properly for Optimum Impact


1.         Special report “Presentation Anxiety : 6 Ways To Overcome Your Anxiety And Nervousness During Presentations"

2.         PDF version of this book – “Public Speaking Secrets Exposed: How To Master The Art of Public Speaking And Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking Forever”

The details on how to access the above bonuses will be revealed inside the book once you order.


An Invitation to the Supernatural Life

By Michele Perry, foreword by Bill Johnson

An Unlikely Missionary Dispels the Myth That Miracles Happen Only in Africa

Michele Perry may be an unlikely person to start a missionary orphanage in war-torn Sudan. Born without her left hip and leg, she is no stranger to overwhelming impossibility. She's learned from childhood to rely fully on God, who constantly surprises her--and she and her Sudanese children, more than one hundred of them, have witnessed him moving in miraculous and wondrous ways again and again.

Here she shares some of these amazing, inspiring stories. More than that, she shows how readers can genuinely, fully experience God in their everyday lives--whether in Africa or at home, wherever they are. She helps them understand what he looks like, what it means to hear his voice, what it's like to see a vision, and how to recognize the holy in the ordinary. With these practical keys, believers will be able to open the floodgates of life-changing, supernatural encounters with God.

"A must-read."--Randy Clark, overseer, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening; co-author with Bill Johnson, The Essential Guide to Healing and Healing Unplugged

"A major mentoring tool for your life."--Sid Roth, host, It's Supernatural! television show

Marriage What's The Point?: One Couple Finds Meaning in a Crazy Mess

ONE DOLLAR BOOK: Marriage What's The Point? 

http://amzn.to/1fMUlmu [Kindle $0.99]

An Inspiring story of Tragedy to Redemption that speaks to every relationship, or potential relationship, we find ourselves in!

In Marriage What’s the Point? One couple finds meaning in a crazy mess, Jesse and Kara Birkey will bring you into the tragedy that threatened to destroy them. The Birkey’s share their journey of tragic infidelity to the joy of miraculous restoration with passion and total transparency. 

Marriage What’s the Point is a journey of pain, reconciliation and discovery as God showed Jesse and Kara how the wounds and scars from their past were affecting how they treated each other. They found it impossible to reflect the heart of God to each other while being held captive by things like self-hate, fear and bitterness. Knowing they aren’t the only ones to have been imprisoned by those chains, they desire to show others the path of freedom God revealed to them. 

Marriage What’s the Point? will challenge and encourage you, inviting you on a path to restoration that is different than you might expect. There is hope! 

This book has the goods--he's speaking not only from experience, but also from a place of knowing God and his love in a way that is transformational. I wish I had heard this material when I was in college, but it's never too late. I hope to convey the information here to my children before they make big life choices about marriage.

Be a Circle Maker: The Solution to 10,000 Problems

$0.99 BOOK: Be a Circle Maker  

[Kindle $0.99; paper from 1ȼ]

According to Pastor Mark Batterson in his book, The CircleMaker, 'Drawing prayer circles around our dreams isn't just a mechanism whereby we accomplish great things for God. It's a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us.' 

Do you ever sense that there's far more to prayer, and to God's vision for your life, than what you're experiencing? It's time you learned from the legend of Honi the Circle Maker---a man bold enough to draw a circle in the sand and not budge from inside it until God answered his prayers for his people. 

What impossibly big dream is God calling you to draw a prayer circle around? In this powerful booklet, excerpted from THE CIRCLE MAKER, Batterson helps you uncover your heart's deepest desires and God-given dreams and unleash them through the kind of audacious prayer that God delights to answer.

Batterson's The Circle Maker - give words of inspiration from a Biblical worldview. from uncovering myths of health/wealth beliefs to leading reader to be very specific about their prayers - Batterson had me wanting to underline several times per page. Thank you Mark for living out your dreams and inspiring others.

The Weapon of Prayer - Enhanced Version

ONE BUCK BOOK: The Weapon of Prayer 

http://amzn.to/R18UwJ [$1.99 version] 
http://amzn.to/1hTdmUi [$0.99 version] 
http://bit.ly/EMBounds [Lots of Bounds’ books @ $0.99!]

Why pray? In his book, The Weapon of Prayer, Edward Bounds states: “The life of the individual believer, his personal salvation, and personal Christian graces have their being, bloom, and fruitage in prayer.” As a chaplain in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War, Bounds initiated weekly prayer sessions to strengthen the spiritual state of his local area.

His wisdom has impacted Christ-seekers for decades, and his words are as powerful now as they were in the 1800’s. Bounds reminds us that throughout Biblical history, many of God’s greatest movements were incited by the prayers of God’s people. According to Bounds, prayer must be a priority. Other Christian duties, such as sacred works, communion, and church activities, cannot and should not take the place of prayer.

To eliminate prayer from our daily lives is to abandon communication with God. It is through prayer that we have the opportunity to share our deepest sorrows, joys, and desires with the only one who can truly comfort us. To remind readers that God’s presence steadfastly endures, Bounds concludes his piece by providing modern examples of the power of prayer.

I liked this book for two reasons. One is that the focus was on prayer as a spiritual weapon and, two, because the author was thoughtful and careful not to add anything to the Word of God. The author writes with intensity and enthusiasms about the subject of prayer and eventually you catch his "fire". It is a classic that is worth reading and sharing with others.


Men's Secret Wars

ONE BUCK BOOK: Men's Secret Wars 
By Patrick A. Means 

[Kindle $0.99; paper from a penny] 

Real honesty about the real issues men face

Many men are fighting secret wars against workaholism, sexual addictions, substance abuse, pornography, and extramarital affairs. Most are reluctant to seek help. But men don't have to struggle alone and become casualties. They can win these battles.

The need to talk honestly about the real issues facing Christian men has never been greater. Though they may feel reluctant to seek help and embarrassed to admit it, many men are fighting secret wars against stress, burnout, unhealthy relationships, temptation, and sexuality. What many don't know, however, is that these battles can be won.

This newly repackaged edition of Men's Secret Wars provides tested strategies for defeating the secrets that threaten men's private lives. Through the candid stories from the author and other men who have fought similar battles, readers will learn to recognize the "at risk" factors that precede the development of a secret life and will take comfort in the fact that they are not alone in their struggles. Includes new writing from the author, personal growth questions, and a leader's guide for small groups.

Through the candid stories of Patrick Means and other men who have fought similar battles, you can learn to recognize the "at risk" factors that precede the development of a secret life and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your struggle. This new edition includes new writing from the author, along with the Personal Growth Plan and a leader's guide for small groups and counselors.

Patrick Means treads where the average Christian man has been trained not to go. Through frank testimony of personal moral failure, repentance, and redemption he allows the rest of us to see where the spiritual land mines are BEFORE we must cross the field.

Christian men have become accustomed to hearing impotent "just pray about it" advice for their struggles. We've learned to act as though everything is OK when inside we've been dying.

Means exposes the facade of modern Christian man for what it is -- a seemingly solid covering for a cancer of unresolved pain beneath. By honestly sharing his trials and temptations he catalogs his own journey to wholeness, while at the same time offering practical, solid advice for how we can do the same.

Come into your own as the man God created you to be -- don't settle for second best when an incredible blessing awaits. Men who are vulnerable, sharing their hurts with other men, are the true heroes of this world and the next.
Read the book! There's a new you inside.

Songs in the Key of Solomon: In the Word and In the Mood

[Kindle free; hardback from a penny]   

Ladies, are you tired of trying to engage your man in something he is reluctant to do? Let’s face it: husbands are not normally seen running to bookstores to buy a couple’s devotional.

And guys, are you tired of feeling like the term “devotional” is code for “boring? You may be thinking, Please, not one more thing to check off my daily to-do list. Plus, you and your wife have different views on what intimacy is all about, right?

If either of you is wondering if you’re living more with your “roommate” than your “soulmate,” then this devotional can help you meet on common ground and discover each other in new ways. You won’t even need an alarm clock to wake you when your “devotional time” is finished.

Filled with insights from a real couple on real issues, Songs in the Key of Solomon will get you and your spouse laughing, thinking, sharing, touching, and praying – possibly all during the same reading. Each offering in this devotional is designed to spark connections around issues that matter, so you’ll deepen your emotional, spiritual, and physical unity and ignite new levels of intimacy. (One devotional involves a bathtub and some candles...try not to get stuck on that one page over and over again.)

Here is an invitation to hear the music in your marriage – maybe for the first time…or maybe once again.

For many years the "Song of Solomon" was a neglected book. The anatomical references, I guess, made many think this book was "inappropriate" for church use. Funny, it is in the Bible. And traditionally the Jews read it every Passover! (Well, maybe not the first several hundred Passovers, but once written it was a staple of Passover.)

Fortunately the "veil" seems to have been lifted from the book. Several books in recent years have been written on the Song. I myself have preached a sermon on the Song as well as taught it in Bible class twice.

John and Anita Renfroe pick up on the theme of the Song. No, this book is not an exposition of the book. Look at the title closely. The look at the subtitle: "In the Word.../...and In the Mood." It is a study for couples to look at each other with the eyes of God. It is a book about Christian romance! In effect, it is a book in which couples can share with each other their innermost thoughts, secrets, and desires.


Chasing God

99 CENT BOOK: Chasing God 

Maybe you’ve never asked the question out loud, but you’ve wondered. You do the things that look good on paper: read your Bible, pray, attend study groups and go to church on Sundays.

But you aren’t convinced you really know Him.  

Angie Smith understands, because she had run circles around the same paths searching for Him, frustrated at her lack of progress. And she probably would have continued to do so had it not been for one realization that changed everything.

She wasn’t following God; she was trying to catch up with Him.

And without realizing it, you may be as well.

It’s a distinction that affects every aspect of our lives with Christ, and it begins with learning where we’ve relied more on man’s explanation of God than God Himself.

So many requirements, so many rules, and so much guilt where there is supposed to be freedom. It’s the reason you wonder if you’ve measured up, and the nagging voice that tells you you’re a failure as a Christian.

Three simple words changed everything for Angie, and she believes they can do the same for you.

Stop chasing God.

You get to know Angie well in reading this (her character flaws and self-doubts she had during her journey) and it's wonderful. This is a really a warm and personal book that will inspire and hopefully motivate you like it did me.

Shine! (Reflections on Christian Writing)

Note, Part Two of this series is free! [http://amzn.to/1fi7RnN]   

Writers are notorious for being at once narcissistic and self-abasing. Christian writers are no different. They doubt and question. Can Christian writing even be defined? Is it possible to make a difference in the world? What does it mean to be professional? And why, if a Christian is truly called to write, is it often a struggle to polish their writing to shine God's light?

Sheila Hollinghead encourages Christian writers to seek God's will, study the craft, and learn the basics. And she further calls them to examine, find unique voices, and soar on wings like eagles...to Rise, Write, Shine.

The Heart of Abundance: A Simple Guide to Appreciating and Enjoying Life

FREE BOOK: The Heart of Abundance  
by Candy Paull  

The Heart of Abundance is a free “best of” collection. Discover more abundance, encouragement, and simplicity in your life. Quotes, meditations, prayers, and instant inspiration help you create a life you enjoy and enjoy the life you have. 

This inspirational guide reminds you that life can be good, no matter what challenges you may be facing right now. Be present, see the divine at work in all circumstances, and experience ordinary life as sacred. Learn to practice the art of abundance as a form of spiritual awareness based in gratitude.

Topics include:
The Wisdom of the Body
Serene Spirit: Meditation and Mindfulness
Saying Good-Bye: Loss, Death, Rebirth
Create Something That Satisfies Your Soul
Welcome Divine Appointments
See Your Life as a Sacred Journey
Be Open to the Great Mystery
Live in the Presence of Abundance
Say No to Fear, Say Yes to Life
Celebrate the Abundant Life
The Optimist’s Choice
Soup for the Soul, Tea for the Spirit
Celebrate the Simple Things
Essentials of the Heart
Clearing Clutter: Releasing That Which No Longer Serves
Spiritual Magnificence
Fear is the Poison, Love is the Antidote

Candy Paull’s writing is the readable equivalent of Earl Grey tea, steeped in a pot, and served in your grandmother's china. That is: it warms you through and through.


The Concise A to Z Guide to Finding It in the Bible

350 pages!  

This informative and easy-to-understand reference tool offers an "at your fingertips" guide to key Scripture references, Bible stories, and verses that relate to topics like: 

•going "green"

The Concise A to Z Guide to Finding It in the Bible provides a quick and entertaining read for people interested in what the Bible has to say about a wide range of topics.

Simple Ways to Reach Out to Muslims

Based on the author's twenty-five years of first-hand experience, this engaging book reveals what Islam really teaches and how today's Muslims live and think. With practical information and personal stories, Carl Medearis shows readers how they can build life-changing bridges between the world's two largest religions-one person at a time, whether in the U.S. or elsewhere.

I loved reading this book with my wife. We love Jesus and our friends from other countries.

Carl invites us to be genuine, loving and caring for real people always living and loving with the heart of Jesus. We laughed reading his stories and cried as we realized how much Jesus loves everyone, no matter what their background is, where they came from or how different they are.


The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power: The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues

http://amzn.to/1fBSssV [Kindle version: $.99] 
http://bit.ly/1hyEyY5 [PDF version: Free; slow download]   
http://bit.ly/1ldRqIK [Free pdf’s in 8 languages; slow] 

Right now there is only one book available by Dave Roberson, but it is a book used by God to transform believers' lives in extraordinary ways.

If you want your life to change, or if you just want to increase your understanding about this phenomenon of praying in tongues, read "The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power."

I recommend this book if you are serious about wanting a closer/deeper relationship with the Godhead. The theology presented lines up with the Scriptures. This is the best book I've encountered which explains the differences in praying in tongues for personal edification vs. the gift of tongues, etc. 

I have read this book numerous times, gleaning additional insight with each reading. The gift of our prayer language is misunderstood. Most Christians do not realize the importance of utilizing what God has so freely given to those who ASK. Simply written, it is the truth of God's Word unveiled for those who will believe God's Word in spite of man's teaching.

Angels: Ringing Assurance that We Are Not Alone

Yes, angels are real. They are not the product of your imagination.  

“If we had open spiritual eyes we would see not only a world filled with evil spirits and powers—but also powerful angels with drawn swords, set for our defense.”  

Dr. Graham lifts the veil between the visible and the invisible world to give us an eye-opening account of these behind-the-scenes agents. This best-selling classic records the experiences of Dr. Graham and others who are convinced that at moments of special need they have been attended by angels. With keen insight and conviction, Dr. Graham affirms that:

God's invisible hosts are better organized than any of the armies of man—or Satan.
Angels "think, feel, will, and display emotions."
Angels guide, comfort, and provide for people in the midst of suffering and persecution.
At death, the faithful will be ushered by angels into the presence of God.

Angels: God's Secret Agents is Billy Graham's one-volume introduction to one of the most popular spiritual phenomena of our time. Firmly grounded in Graham's close readings of scripture, Angels testifies to Graham's own encounters with the heavenly beings and also records the many similar stories that other believers have told him over the years. Graham devotes entire chapters to the questions of whether angels are visible or invisible, how they differ from men and women, and how the angelic hierarchy is organized. He also discusses the much-debated theory that UFO sightings are in fact angelic appearances.

Perhaps the primary purpose of this book, however, is to inform readers that armies of angels are ready and willing to help Christians in their daily fights against the forces of darkness. "Millions of angels are at God's command and at our service," Graham writes. "The hosts of heaven stand at attention as we make our way from earth to glory, and Satan's BB guns are no match for God's heavy artillery." Such stirring theological pronouncements are matched with practical advice for believers who wish to know the angelic powers in everyday life. --Kevin Attwood

Flashpoint: Batman - Knight of Vengeance Special Edition #1

By Brian Azzarello (Author), Eduardo Risso (Illustrator) 

OK, who doesn’t love a Batman comic book?   

Wayne Casinos towers over Gotham City, but even the bright lights can't keep the dark shadows from enveloping the city. When the Joker kidnaps the children of the city's District Attorney, the Batman takes the case. 

But the man under the mask may not be the Dark Knight we know! Read the first chapter from the FLASHPOINT: WORLD OF FLASHPOINT FEATURING BATMAN graphic novel!

Dark gritty, everything a Batman comic should be and more. Not for the squeamish, tho. I'm going to have to reread this again it was THAT good!

My True Life Stories Of Spiritual Warfare And The Paranormal (Empowering You to Banish the Unwanted)

This book is about spiritual warfare and the paranormal, and how these paranormal events shaped my Christian beliefs.  

What you are about to read are true spiritual and paranormal accounts witnessed and lived by me and my immediate family members. These experiences took place during my childhood and into my adult life. This subject of the paranormal is a touchy subject with many individuals and with many Christians.  

The purpose of sharing this with you is two-fold. The trauma and fear that I experienced as a child is something from which no child should ever suffer, and the second reason is I want to empower you with the tools and knowledge to rid your own home and life of any unwelcome “guests”. These entities are not to be taken lightly. They also should not take over you or your home!

An absolute essential part of any Christian's library. Mr. Lohman shares his personal encounters in spiritual warfare and with the paranormal. I have never had these types of experiences and hope and pray that I never do, but there are people close to me who have. As a former Pastor, you always look for Spirit-directed and annointed answers that will help those in their hour of need.

Without personal experiences, one has to rely on other like-minded believers to offer up Scriptually sound resources based in the Word of God and that's what you have here in this book. As Mr. Lohman has stated, do your own research, follow the scriptures given and come to your own conclusions about the subject and when you find your answers and real help, give God all the Praise and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in you.


The God Who Solves Pain

The God Who Solves Pain is a Theology book that takes a thought-provoking look at God and His relationship with Pain. Simply written and thoughtfully explained; this book seeks to redefine the way you see pain, and ultimately God.

Have you ever wondered what’s God relationship with pain? Does He cause pain? If God is so good, then why is there so much pain? The God Who Solves Pain discusses these topics and more. My heart in writing this book is to present a case for the absolute goodness of God. In doing so, I hope to eliminate some of the bad beliefs we sometimes have, as Christians, about pain and suffering.

Topics covered in this book:
- Understanding the Sovereignty of God
- Does God cause pain?
- The Old Testament vs. the New Testament images of God
- The wrath of God
- Who is God; what is He really like?
- And more thought-provoking topics.

I'm so glad someone finally wrote a book that deals with the question "If God is good, why do bad things happen?" in a way that is ENTIRELY scripturally backed. Not only does Stephen explore territory that many Christians are afraid to, he reveals that there is a mountain of encouraging, delightful truth about God in the answer to that question.

It's a quick read but full of intriguing perspective. I also appreciate that Stephen is intentional to differentiate between things he sees explicitly in the Bible (and he shows us where) and ideas he has personally extrapolated (which are based on really sound logic).

After reading this book I am more confident than ever that God is neither angry nor negligent. He's a deeply kind, wholly responsible, and highly relational God. And he's actually always good

The Joy of Kingdom Driven Living

You were created to LIVE supernaturally in your everyday life. You are the answer to the world's problems and have the power in YOU to change the world. 

This book will show you:

* How to witness WITH joy by demonstrating and enforcing the victory Jesus' blood paid for you to have.
* How to operate in the Kingdom of God and understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit in end times.
* How to walk with confidence and demonstrate God’ supernatural power, love and presence on the street, work or home, anywhere or any time.
* How to hear His voice and be led with confidence by His Holy Spirit.
* How to understand the principles of the kingdom that bring you success, no matter what the circumstances.
* How to enforce the JUDGEMENT of the devil.
*Build your faith to RAISE The DEAD and heal the sick as the Body of Christ.

This book with make you mad OR will set you on fire to DO the supernatural!

Many churches today don't need God. They can sing without Him, but He does not inhabit their praise. They can quote a few scriptures, but have no life or confirming signs. They can tell you how bad you have been, but offer no power for change. They condemn you, tell you that you are a sinner, guilty of breaking a law, shame you and make you feel like a worm in the dirt, but offer no redemption. They make the church out to be weak, sickly, poor, guilty and condemned. The church is the only answer for the world's problems!
The Kingdom of God is in you in power to OVERCOME this worlds problems.

How to Work with Angels in Your Life: The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today

Are angels knocking at your door? 

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have entertained angels without knowing it (Hebrews 13:2 NIV). 

You may be asking, Are angels real? If they are, can I experience their supernatural ministry… today?

Author Kevin Basconi shares ten years worth of real-life, modern-day supernatural encounters that show you the important role angels play in your everyday life.

Unlike other theological teaching books or bible studies about angels, Kevin presents a fast-paced, vividly written journey spanning six continents and multiple nations as he revisits amazing angelic encounters and visitations of Jesus that both he and dozens of others have experienced.

Your life will be transformed as you learn how:

Angels work to answer your prayers and meet your daily needs.
To activate your ability to see and discover techniques to work with angels.
Angels are involved in miracles, healings, and the approaching global outpouring of God’s Spirit.
Jesus modeled angelic ministry and continues to employ angels today.
How to Work with Angels In Your Life is Book 2 in the Angels in the Realms of Heaven series.

Work with the angels in your life and get ready for God to empower you to accomplish the extraordinary!

The teachings and testimonies of author, Kevin Basconi will not only encourage you but boost your faith to better understand what God has planned for those who love Him. Basconi exalts "Jesus" not angels. He teaches how the kingdom of heaven is under the direction of God, The Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit. He explains how the angelic host are activated to bring about God's plan for His kingdom's purposes. He also teaches how we as believers are to expect, recognize and work with the host of heaven to exalt and bring glory to God. The book blessed me and gave me a new understanding of the purposes of God through the angelic realm. This is an awesome study for those thirsting to bring glory to God.

The Outcast By Jolina Petersheim

FREE BOOK: The Outcast 

I don’t very often post fiction books, but this one looks like it’s appropriate.

*Library Journal's Best Books 2013*
*Christian Manifesto's 2013 Award Winner for Excellence in Amish Fiction*
*World Magazine's Notable Books*
*2013/2014 Christian Retailing's Best Nominee*
*INSPY Nominee*

Library Journal named Jolina Petersheim's debut novel, TheOutcast, one of the Best Books 2013: Christian Fiction. It also became an ECPA, CBA, and Amazon bestseller, was featured in Huffington Post's Fall Picks, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, The Tennessean, and garnered a starred review in Library Journal.
Raised in an Old Order Mennonite community, Rachel Stoltzfus is a strong-willed single woman, content living apart from mainstream society until whispers stir the moment her belly swells with new life. Refusing to repent and name the partner in her sin, Rachel feels the wrath of the religious sect as she is shunned by those she loves most. She is eventually coerced into leaving by her brother-in-law, the bishop.

But secrets run deep in this cloistered community, and the bishop is hiding some of his own, threatening his conscience and his very soul. When the life of Rachel's baby is at stake, however, choices must be made that will bring the darkness to light, forever changing the lives of those who call Copper Creek home.

I was not terribly excited about the subject matter of this book. This is a genre I'm unfamiliar with and haven't ventured into in the past. Knowing little about Amish and Mennonite communities, I was still happy to purchase and read because following the author's blog has been such a treat, but I wasn't sure my interest would be piqued.

I settled in for a read and was surprised at how the story instantly held my attention. I even sat the book down several times and commented to my husband, "I'm really liking this story!" I knew the writing would be well-done, as I've read some of the author's work in the past, but I was taken aback that I enjoyed the historical perspective of the book. Jolina was able to effortlessly sew in rich, cultural seeds while still maintaining a modern, relatable story line. I was impressed at the balance.

The story is a great read to curl up with before bed, and one to pass on to friends and family that enjoy a romantic drama that will keep them wrapped up in old plot favorites - lovers torn by circumstance and familial struggle. Yet it will still appease the appetite for freshness - odd language snippets to chew on and diverse religious and societal references.

You'll like this one - whether you've read this "kind" of book in the past, or not.


Lifehacks: 63 Ways to Save Money, Improve Time Management, Produce Great Work, and Increase Productivity

Scott Britton  

Do You Want to Save Money, Improve Time Management, Produce Great Work, and Increase Your Productivity?  

Then you've come to the right place. In this book you will learn:

Ways to Save Money

Learn money saving lifehacks like how to get VIP treatment at your favorite businesses, never pay ATM fees again, get Amazon Prime for 1/5 of the cost, save 100's of dollars a year on your favorite services and more!

If you follow the tips in this section on How to Save Money you'll earn back the price of this book 10x over within the first month!

Time Management Lifehacks

Learn how to crush common time wasters like unnecessary meetings, repeatedly answering the same questions, spending too much time on email, dealing with slow customer service, and weeding out "time takers" from you life.

Ways to Improve Your Work

Improve the quality of your work with the proven techniques and the latest productivity tools on the web. In this lifehacks guide you'll get information on specific tools that improve your relationships, help you build your network, improve your focus, and spend more time on things that are important so that you can produce great work!

How to Increase Your Productivity

It's very easy to spend a lot of time on things that don't matter. This lifehacks guide will show you how to condense those activities (like email) and focus more on the tasks that actually matter so you can be more productive than ever.

Travel Hacking Strategies

Learn how to find the best credit cards for travel points, avoid fees on things like hotel cancellations, and access all your flight information on the go. Using the tips from this book I've traveled for free around the world and managed to avoid some of the most common travel headaches.

Hacking Email Management

The average person spends 27% of their work week on email management. This is crazy! You'll learn specific strategies on this book on how to massively reduce the time it takes to manage your email like batch processing, how to reduce email volume, and tactics to declutter your inbox. Multiple email hacking tools are mentioned in this section that will massively improve your email etiquette and processing time.

Eating and Drinking Lifehacks

Get proven strategies on how to limit binge-eating, stop late night snacking, and cut back on the coffee overload! You'll even learn some lifehacks for my favorite fast casual restaurant...Chipotle!

Lifehacking In Your Everyday Travels

Optimize life's daily headaches by learning how you can leave your wallet at home, never forget your coat check number, access your favorite reading material even when you don't have cell service, and much more!

Miscellaneous Lifehacks

This book contains a bunch of lifehacks that didn't necessarily fit into one bucket, but are too good not to include!

You'll learn strategies to stay motivated, sleep better, hack Chipotle, get cash for crummy gift cards, and how to write things like a book...even if you're not a good writer!

Want to Get More Out of Life?

If you're looking for some new lifehacks to become your most efficient, productive, and happy self look no further!

Grab your copy today!

The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected

TESTIMONY BOOK: The Insanity of God 
Nik Ripken    

[Kindle 2.99; paper from $7]

The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ordinary missionary pilgrimage, but discovered it would be anything but. After spending over six hard years doing relief work in Somalia, and experiencing life where it looked like God had turned away completely and He was clueless about the tragedies of life, the couple had a crisis of faith and left Africa asking God, "Does the gospel work anywhere when it is really a hard place? It sure didn't work in Somalia.

Nik recalls that, “God had always been so real to me, to Ruth, and to our boys. But was He enough, for the utter weariness of soul I experienced at that time, in that place, under those circumstances?” It is a question that many have asked and one that, if answered, can lead us to a whole new world of faith.

How does faith survive, let alone flourish in a place like the Middle East? How can Good truly overcome such evil? How do you maintain hope when all is darkness around you? How can we say “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world” when it may not be visibly true in that place at that time? How does anyone live an abundant, victorious Christian life in our world’s toughest places? Can Christianity even work outside of Western, dressed-up, ordered nations? If so, how?

The Insanity of God tells a story—a remarkable and unique story to be sure, yet at heart a very human story—of the Ripkens’ own spiritual and emotional odyssey. The gripping, narrative account of a personal pilgrimage into some of the toughest places on earth, combined with sobering and insightful stories of the remarkable people of faith Nik and Ruth encountered on their journeys, will serve as a powerful course of revelation, growth, and challenge for anyone who wants to know whether God truly is enough.

Return to Authentic Christianity

Is the Church trending toward or away from authentic Christianity? Three Christian leaders present and discuss issues that every Christian needs to know.  

Return to Authentic Christianity is a thorough examination of some of the most critical issues affecting the modern Church.

Written by respected Church leaders Robert Stearns, Chuck Pierce, and Larry Kreider, Return to Authentic Christianity is for thinking believers who are interested in the direction the Church is currently heading.

Between the three of us, we travel a combination of more than a half million miles each year. And wherever we go, we see both positive and alarming trends in the Body of Christ that impact us. While troubling trends can cause deep concern, they also provide opportunities for change, write the authors.

Through exciting personal experiences coupled with credible and interesting hands-on research results, you will read with eyes wide open about significant trends and issues that are reshaping and impacting today s Church.

Your reaction to what you learn impacts future generations as the Church proclaims the good news of hope through God s Word as His Kingdom continues to expand worldwide. You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world as you joyfully trust in Him and seek first His Kingdom.

Return to Authentic Christianity is the kind of book you want to read over and over again as you will glean fresh insight each time. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Thrilled it's on Kindle. Powerful, much-needed. Read this book.


The Practice of the Presence of God the Best Rule of a Holy Life

Brother Lawrence was a seventeenth-century French monk who in his monastery kitchen discovered an overwhelming delight in God's presence. His book is a true Christian classic. 

Here is one of the most beautiful and touching stories of Christian devotion ever written. Brother Lawrence was a Carmelite Brother known for his profound peace and deep relationship with God; many came to seek spiritual guidance from him. The wisdom that he passed on to them, in conversations and in letters, would later become the basis for the book.

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. There will be some typo’s. Nicer versions, starting at 99ȼ, are also available, though this one does say, “This faithfully translated new edition is the most complete and comprehensive text on Brother Lawrence available.”

To know God is to love God. The more we know Him the more we are able to love Him. Brother Lawrence, a monk in the 1600s, spent many years practicing the presence of God in his life. His key to this practice was that he strove to be consciously aware of God's presence at all times. This is truly a classic in the sense that Brother Lawrence's message has survived several centuries and still inspires many individuals to purposefully enjoy God's presence in their lives. This book is one to read several times as there are many nuggets of wisdom for those who want to grow in their relationship with God.

The Beginner's Guide to Hearing God, James Goll

I saw the title, and I thought, “That could be great, or it could be awful, depending on who wrote it.” James Goll wrote it. It will be great.  

Does God really speak today? Will He speak personally to me? If I listen, will I understand what He says? For those desiring to hear God, this book will show how anyone can both listen and speak to God. In order to grow in our relationship with God, we must draw near to Him, trusting that He wants to speak to us personally. Find out how in The Beginner’s Guide to Hearing God.  

In this hands-on guide, Jim Goll clearly lays out biblical principles for listening to God with real-life illustrations that will inspire and excite readers to listen more closely with expectant hearts. Discover how to move from a hard-to-receive (HTR) position to one Goll calls easy-to-receive (ETR). Learn how to overcome personal obstacles that block God’s voice and avoid being misled by words that aren’t truly coming from Him. For beginners and those who have been listening to God for years.

Hearing God's voice is amazing, wonderful, and should be an active part of our everyday existence. Goll takes time in this amazing book to walk us through the reasons and the practicality of listening and obeying God's voice. Written in an easy to read format, Goll uses stories and analogies to clearly convey to the reader that God desires for us to have a two-way relationship with him.

Found Adrift: 40 Days of Recovering Grace (Devotional)

Note: A number of PaulineCreeden’s devotionals are free, either free to everyone or free to Amazon Prime subscribershttp://amzn.to/1hli7pb  

Are you too distracted by daily life, too busy to find a moment of quite reflection with God? These two minute devotionals could be just what you need to get back on track. 

If you have ever been distracted by your daily life and suddenly looked up and found yourself far behind where you should be in your walk with God, then you are a drifter like me. This devotional is your paddle.

Found Adrift, 40 Days of Recovering Grace, is a delightful study for a new Christian, a person who has walked with the Lord for a long time, or even a young adult who has turned his life over to Jesus Christ.

The study is broken down into forty days of study. Each day focuses on an important aspect of the Christian life. I found myself convicted more than once. Pauline gives practical advice on how to lift yourself out of a spiritual funk if you are "adrift" in some area of your walk with God.

I was drawn in by the introduction, which focused on "distractions." How hard it is for me to sit down and have a quiet time with God without something or someone wanting my attention.

If we commit ourselves completely to God, though, He will find that time for us. I read this whole book in a day (it's a very easy read), and was encouraged, that even with all the distractions that inevitably come up, I could learn much more about how to make my walk with God less hurried and more intimate.

Topics that I found helpful included the study on walking in forgiveness, not being a control freak, letting go of offenses, and living without fear in obedience. Each chapter has a Bible verse to go along with it, and Pauline makes it easy to understand how to apply the principles to our everyday life. Sometimes it only takes a spark to get a fire going, as an old classic Christian song goes, and I found that with this book. I am encouraged that even though in some areas, I have drifted (and didn't even realize it), I can recover and become a stronger Christian and walk more closely with God.

I look forward to picking up extra copies of Found Adrift, 40 Days of Recovering Grace, as a stocking stuffer for my friends at Christmastime.