A Rooster Once Crowed: A Commentary on the Greatest Story Ever Told.

FREE BOOK: A Rooster Once Crowed: A Commentary on the Greatest Story Ever Told. 

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From a one-room Sunday school class—the lesson that’s been downloaded over 8,000 times in 54 countries—comes A Rooster Once Crowed, A Commentary on the Greatest Story Ever Told. 

We live in those few moments between the first and the second crow of the rooster: between decision and indecision, between knowing and being known. But do you even care?

Small decisions made today establish our path for all time, and yet we piddle with a piece of this and a taste of that. We diet on wisdom from antiquity and gorge on culture that is next month's joke.

This story is an opportunity to gorge on Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, in context. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an opportunity to see for yourself what it actually is, rather than what we mold it to be, and to finally choose whether or not to care.

Through small stories and a modern context, this book will help you understand and decide what you believe about the greatest story ever told.

The author says of himself: I didn't set out to write a book. I wasn't against it, but I got to this point much as most folks get on a ride at Disney World: they weigh the time it will take to get through the line they can see, and by the time they figure out how long the line really is, they've invested too much to step out.

That doesn't sound especially spiritual, but for me, this whole process was. And what a great ride it has been.

In 2012 I was preparing for humiliation. I'd committed to teaching a big Sunday school class (Family Ties) at a big church (Peachtree Road United Methodist Church) without any notes. I had no idea what I was going to say until the Thursday before, when I saw, as clearly as you could see and describe a painting, a picture of the Gospel.

Since that Sunday in October, I have stood in as many lines as possible to share this story of the Gospel. And while I don't claim to have all the answers, my prayer is that something in this little sacrifice of paper and ink will resonate with you.

An unusual title with a profound story. Bryant Cornett is an expert story teller. A detailed researcher, and a phenomenal teacher. I am impressed with the way Bryant applies the historical background of the word of God to fit so naturally into our present time. This book served as a bible study for me as I reviewed its content. Each thought is backed up with scripture and the contents are accurately précis. Bookfun.org placed this book in my hands to review freely; my life has been enriched for having such a teacher as this author dissect some complex verses with such clarity.