Elevating Excellence: 10 Defining Choices that Lead to Relevance

FREE BOOK: Elevating Excellence: 10 Defining Choices that Lead to Relevance
Bu Curtis Wallace, with a foreword by T. D. Jakes. 

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Your daily decisions can take you to next level success!

Every leader has to make choices. Some move the organization forward with great momentum and success. Unfortunately, wrong decisions have the ability to stagnate your organization and hold you back from achieving greatness. Curtis Wallace has successfully navigated both the corporate and faith worlds, currently serving as COO for TD Jakes Enterprises. More than high concept and ear-tickling theory, Wallace delivers 10 practical keys that empower you to make the choices that set you and your organization up for excellence.

Evaluating Excellence - Defining Choices that Lead to Relevance, as the subtitle suggests, defines ten choices that when applied will lead to relevance. Curtis Wallace is recognized for his cutting edge leadership skills and his personal dedication for elevating excellence among the leadership of faith-based non-profit organizations. The many principles introduced in this book address leadership in the Church, however they are also applicable for business ventures, as well as personal achievement and ministry.

Wallace is articulate and knowledgeable. His writing style is direct, well organized, and formatted in a reader friendly and easy to assimilate style.