Five Ministry Killers and How to Defeat Them:

GOOD BOOK: Five Ministry Killers and How to Defeat Them: Help for Frustrated Pastors--Including New Research From the Barna Group

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Before pastors reach burnout and leave the ministry, they experience frustration and disappointment in ministry. Charles Stone, a veteran pastor, helps his fellow pastors understand and meet the challenges, regaining hope and energy to continue in their calling. Based on new information from The Barna Group and additional research, Stone shows readers what pastors are saying about ministry and how to overcome the obstacles, rebuild community within the congregation, and persevere with joy.

What Frustrates You in Ministry? You probably began your ministry believing you'd make a kingdom difference. That dream may now seem elusive. Perhaps your journey has brought more frustration than happiness, and you wonder if it's time to move on, or out. Have you searched the Web for openings in other churches recently? Thought about selling insurance? Getting your Realtor's license?

Every church is different, and the situations you face are unique to your setting, but common threads are found in many churches. Using customized, commissioned research from the Barna Group and others, veteran pastor Charles Stone points to five potent killers in pastors' lives: 1. A head-in-the-sand mentality that denies problems 2. Emotional investment in the wrong issues 3. Unhealthy responses to ministry frustrations 4. A Lone Ranger attitude that says "God and I can handle this" 5. Attitudes and actions that lead to lonely, hurting spouses Stone then uses his thirty years of pastoral experience to unpack these problems so you can regain real hope and energy to continue in your calling. No unrealistic advice or simplistic solutions. Just hard questions and straight answers.

Although I am not a pastor I gained quite an insight into their problems. This book would be of benefit to members of the congregation as well as ministers. The book is divided into common problem areas and contains many different solutions to the problems but always suggestions on ways in which to recognize the situations before they develop into problems. There is also an excellent area on problems encountered by a pastor's wife. Dr. Stone has used extensive research data and has ripped apart the veil of "everything's just fine thank you" that covers a multitude of burnout and disappointment in the life of a pastor. Excellent reading for everyone involved in churches.