Found Adrift: 40 Days of Recovering Grace (Devotional)

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Are you too distracted by daily life, too busy to find a moment of quite reflection with God? These two minute devotionals could be just what you need to get back on track. 

If you have ever been distracted by your daily life and suddenly looked up and found yourself far behind where you should be in your walk with God, then you are a drifter like me. This devotional is your paddle.

Found Adrift, 40 Days of Recovering Grace, is a delightful study for a new Christian, a person who has walked with the Lord for a long time, or even a young adult who has turned his life over to Jesus Christ.

The study is broken down into forty days of study. Each day focuses on an important aspect of the Christian life. I found myself convicted more than once. Pauline gives practical advice on how to lift yourself out of a spiritual funk if you are "adrift" in some area of your walk with God.

I was drawn in by the introduction, which focused on "distractions." How hard it is for me to sit down and have a quiet time with God without something or someone wanting my attention.

If we commit ourselves completely to God, though, He will find that time for us. I read this whole book in a day (it's a very easy read), and was encouraged, that even with all the distractions that inevitably come up, I could learn much more about how to make my walk with God less hurried and more intimate.

Topics that I found helpful included the study on walking in forgiveness, not being a control freak, letting go of offenses, and living without fear in obedience. Each chapter has a Bible verse to go along with it, and Pauline makes it easy to understand how to apply the principles to our everyday life. Sometimes it only takes a spark to get a fire going, as an old classic Christian song goes, and I found that with this book. I am encouraged that even though in some areas, I have drifted (and didn't even realize it), I can recover and become a stronger Christian and walk more closely with God.

I look forward to picking up extra copies of Found Adrift, 40 Days of Recovering Grace, as a stocking stuffer for my friends at Christmastime.