Growing Vegetables in Containers: How to Grow Gourmet Vegetables in Your Container Garden

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Growing Vegetables in Containers is becoming a Popular Movement
As space becomes a valuable commodity and people are becoming aware of the role fresh vegetables play in their health and well-being, more attention is brought to the forefront of the advantages of growing your own food in containers.

The benefits of growing your own food in containers are myriad:
Containers can be used anywhere
No hard manual labor is required
No need to buy expensive tools
Plant only what you can eat with no waste

The benefits of growing your own vegetables are also many:
You can grow food organically if you wish
You’ll cut down on your grocery bills
You won’t be worrying about pesticides and GMO’s
You will discover tastes you never thought possible in vegetables
This book contains all you need to know to start growing your own vegetables. Everything from choosing the right sized containers and soil, to choosing the right varieties of vegetables suitable for growing in containers is covered here. Check the Table of Contents to see the wide variety of subjects available to you.

“Be sure to click on the link inside to receive your free welcome gift.” [That gift is a book on the topic of Organic Gardening. It looks good!]

“This book came just in time! Very informative with all kind of details about containers gardening. It tells about right preparations before you start, how to choose the soil, how to water even if you are on vacation; companion plants table (very useful), how to control pests, what plants are suitable for container gardening and many other useful information.

The author also included some recipes at the end of her book.