Indescribable: Encountering the Glory of God in the Beauty of the Universe

FREE BOOK: Indescribable  
By Louie Giglio and Matt Redman  

Putting this powerful message into print for the first time, visionary pastor Louie Giglio and songwriter Matt Redman team up to write a heart-stirring book about the mysteries of God’s creation. Indescribable takes readers on a journey through the vastness of outer space and into the depths of the soul.  

Modern science allows viewers to see farther into space than ever before, and every step draws them closer to the God who breathed each star into existence. InIndescribable, the authors intertwine devotional insights with remarkable scientific facts that awaken both mind and spirit. As Giglio and Redman write, God turnswonderers into worshipers.

Above all, Indescribable is a call to worship—an invitation to know and be known by the God of all creation and to become more passionate worshipers of Jesus Christ.

The heavens declare the glory of God—but in doing so they also point us to the kindness of God. The vastness of His creation points us to the heights of His glory—and at the same time stuns us with the depths of His mercy. The beautiful truth is this: He who calls out the stars, and names them one by one, knows each of us by name also. It is grace of astronomic proportions….
—Louie Giglio and Matt Redman, Indescribable

The eloquent weaving of scientific fact, devotional insight, and magnificent photographs in Indescribable will awaken your mind and spirit like never before. Come discover both the intimacy and the majesty of the God who created you. Come and worship.

Combining science, nature, God's Word, and their own heart and soul searches, the authors have put together a book to intrigue, encourage, and inspire you, if nothing else! Find science between the pages, nature in its wildest forms, and breath of God within these pages...I am enthralled by the photos, completely taken. I think this book shouts to the world His goodness and His power. I'm especially impressed by the parallels between the studies of science and how God loves us (and other metaphors). There is no measure by which to truly see how much God loves us- there is no way we know how big this universe is. Simply- indescribable!