Know What You're Buying: How to Read Food Labels

http://amzn.to/1iBoIwP [Kindle version]

Do you disregard food labels because you don't know what they mean? The purpose of this short ebook is to highlight the most common ingredients, preservatives, and additives found in packaged foods (since the FDA maintains a list of over 3,000 food additives manufacturers can use). Many of these additives and preservatives, including excess sugar and sodium, which could be harmful to your health.

This book is told through the lens of a mother shopping at a supermarket for her family. While the scenario presented is fictional the answers are factual.

After reading this ebook you will have a better grasp of food labels and know what people mean when they say, "Buyer Beware!"

Great breakdown of food labels. I thought I knew about food labels after reading this short book It turns out I knew very little. Shelton goes into detain in explaining the nutritional facts of the food lable. I will be reading each food lable before I buy and be using this Kindle book as a reference.”