Managing Money God's Way: A 31-Day Daily Devotional About Stewardship and Biblical Giving

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As Christians we are hard-wired with a desire to be generous givers. Unfortunately, many Christians are greatly limited in their giving potential because they don't have their money under control!

Join Bob in this 31 day daily devotional as he shares his own experiences, insights, questions, and discoveries about Biblical money management and what we can do to be better stewards of our money.

Each short chapter will leave you with a new Biblical insight, personal challenge, encouraging thought, and even practical steps to better control your money.

From the Author
I should have done this a long time ago.  For years book publishers, readers, and colleagues have been asking about a book from ChristianPF, but I just couldn't get a clear picture of it in my head.

I wanted a book that would help inspire and encourage as well as provide practical helpful financial advice in a very digestible format.  Then it hit me.  A daily devotional would be just the tool to help deliver the goods.

A five-star rating is the highest available for good reason. As a Financial Harmony Coach who actively seeks resources of value to refer to my clients as a catalyst for change, I validate this work as a bag of gems.

The appeal to the wisdom found in this book meets the needs of the least common denominator in our society - finding guidance in wise personal financial management
The broad, relevant topics offset what may normally be construed as a limitation in covering 31 days.

Take heart, however, in observing that there are few advocates for the wise use of money that Bob Lotich shares.

Reader's Warning: Repetition, such as that associated with a 31-day cycle, could be habit forming