Marriage What's The Point?: One Couple Finds Meaning in a Crazy Mess

ONE DOLLAR BOOK: Marriage What's The Point? 

http://amzn.to/1fMUlmu [Kindle $0.99]

An Inspiring story of Tragedy to Redemption that speaks to every relationship, or potential relationship, we find ourselves in!

In Marriage What’s the Point? One couple finds meaning in a crazy mess, Jesse and Kara Birkey will bring you into the tragedy that threatened to destroy them. The Birkey’s share their journey of tragic infidelity to the joy of miraculous restoration with passion and total transparency. 

Marriage What’s the Point is a journey of pain, reconciliation and discovery as God showed Jesse and Kara how the wounds and scars from their past were affecting how they treated each other. They found it impossible to reflect the heart of God to each other while being held captive by things like self-hate, fear and bitterness. Knowing they aren’t the only ones to have been imprisoned by those chains, they desire to show others the path of freedom God revealed to them. 

Marriage What’s the Point? will challenge and encourage you, inviting you on a path to restoration that is different than you might expect. There is hope! 

This book has the goods--he's speaking not only from experience, but also from a place of knowing God and his love in a way that is transformational. I wish I had heard this material when I was in college, but it's never too late. I hope to convey the information here to my children before they make big life choices about marriage.