My True Life Stories Of Spiritual Warfare And The Paranormal (Empowering You to Banish the Unwanted)

This book is about spiritual warfare and the paranormal, and how these paranormal events shaped my Christian beliefs.  

What you are about to read are true spiritual and paranormal accounts witnessed and lived by me and my immediate family members. These experiences took place during my childhood and into my adult life. This subject of the paranormal is a touchy subject with many individuals and with many Christians.  

The purpose of sharing this with you is two-fold. The trauma and fear that I experienced as a child is something from which no child should ever suffer, and the second reason is I want to empower you with the tools and knowledge to rid your own home and life of any unwelcome “guests”. These entities are not to be taken lightly. They also should not take over you or your home!

An absolute essential part of any Christian's library. Mr. Lohman shares his personal encounters in spiritual warfare and with the paranormal. I have never had these types of experiences and hope and pray that I never do, but there are people close to me who have. As a former Pastor, you always look for Spirit-directed and annointed answers that will help those in their hour of need.

Without personal experiences, one has to rely on other like-minded believers to offer up Scriptually sound resources based in the Word of God and that's what you have here in this book. As Mr. Lohman has stated, do your own research, follow the scriptures given and come to your own conclusions about the subject and when you find your answers and real help, give God all the Praise and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in you.