Songs in the Key of Solomon: In the Word and In the Mood

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Ladies, are you tired of trying to engage your man in something he is reluctant to do? Let’s face it: husbands are not normally seen running to bookstores to buy a couple’s devotional.

And guys, are you tired of feeling like the term “devotional” is code for “boring? You may be thinking, Please, not one more thing to check off my daily to-do list. Plus, you and your wife have different views on what intimacy is all about, right?

If either of you is wondering if you’re living more with your “roommate” than your “soulmate,” then this devotional can help you meet on common ground and discover each other in new ways. You won’t even need an alarm clock to wake you when your “devotional time” is finished.

Filled with insights from a real couple on real issues, Songs in the Key of Solomon will get you and your spouse laughing, thinking, sharing, touching, and praying – possibly all during the same reading. Each offering in this devotional is designed to spark connections around issues that matter, so you’ll deepen your emotional, spiritual, and physical unity and ignite new levels of intimacy. (One devotional involves a bathtub and some candles...try not to get stuck on that one page over and over again.)

Here is an invitation to hear the music in your marriage – maybe for the first time…or maybe once again.

For many years the "Song of Solomon" was a neglected book. The anatomical references, I guess, made many think this book was "inappropriate" for church use. Funny, it is in the Bible. And traditionally the Jews read it every Passover! (Well, maybe not the first several hundred Passovers, but once written it was a staple of Passover.)

Fortunately the "veil" seems to have been lifted from the book. Several books in recent years have been written on the Song. I myself have preached a sermon on the Song as well as taught it in Bible class twice.

John and Anita Renfroe pick up on the theme of the Song. No, this book is not an exposition of the book. Look at the title closely. The look at the subtitle: "In the Word.../...and In the Mood." It is a study for couples to look at each other with the eyes of God. It is a book about Christian romance! In effect, it is a book in which couples can share with each other their innermost thoughts, secrets, and desires.