The Beginner's Guide to Hearing God, James Goll

I saw the title, and I thought, “That could be great, or it could be awful, depending on who wrote it.” James Goll wrote it. It will be great.  

Does God really speak today? Will He speak personally to me? If I listen, will I understand what He says? For those desiring to hear God, this book will show how anyone can both listen and speak to God. In order to grow in our relationship with God, we must draw near to Him, trusting that He wants to speak to us personally. Find out how in The Beginner’s Guide to Hearing God.  

In this hands-on guide, Jim Goll clearly lays out biblical principles for listening to God with real-life illustrations that will inspire and excite readers to listen more closely with expectant hearts. Discover how to move from a hard-to-receive (HTR) position to one Goll calls easy-to-receive (ETR). Learn how to overcome personal obstacles that block God’s voice and avoid being misled by words that aren’t truly coming from Him. For beginners and those who have been listening to God for years.

Hearing God's voice is amazing, wonderful, and should be an active part of our everyday existence. Goll takes time in this amazing book to walk us through the reasons and the practicality of listening and obeying God's voice. Written in an easy to read format, Goll uses stories and analogies to clearly convey to the reader that God desires for us to have a two-way relationship with him.