The Biographical Bible

The Biographical Bible offers an engaging overview of Scripture through the lens of the fascinating figures who populate its pages. Through insightful reflections on the lives of over eighty individuals, this unique book captures the essence of these colorful characters, warts and all.

They are people who have much in common with twenty-first century people of faith. Here the reader will find a lively and insightful narrative that brings the Bible to life as no other book does.

Alive, authentic, and utterly unpredictable, the people and personalities of the Bible are not the two-dimensional figures of Sunday school flannel boards but the living, breathing, animated human beings who participated in God's grand story. They loved, worked, and worshiped. They married, mourned, and manipulated. They murdered, betrayed, and begged God for forgiveness. In short--they are us. 

Come along on this chronological tour. Far from being ancient and irrelevant, these stories are timely, provocative, and most of all, illuminating.

This is one of the best written books and retelling of the biblical narrative in an engaging, creative, and interesting style. Tucker doesn't evade the difficult portions of the narrative that are honest about the negative characteristics of biblical personalities. She also paints vividly their positive characteristics as well. Tucker is ruthlessly honest as is the Bible itself. This is a long book but definitely worth the read.