The God Who Solves Pain

The God Who Solves Pain is a Theology book that takes a thought-provoking look at God and His relationship with Pain. Simply written and thoughtfully explained; this book seeks to redefine the way you see pain, and ultimately God.

Have you ever wondered what’s God relationship with pain? Does He cause pain? If God is so good, then why is there so much pain? The God Who Solves Pain discusses these topics and more. My heart in writing this book is to present a case for the absolute goodness of God. In doing so, I hope to eliminate some of the bad beliefs we sometimes have, as Christians, about pain and suffering.

Topics covered in this book:
- Understanding the Sovereignty of God
- Does God cause pain?
- The Old Testament vs. the New Testament images of God
- The wrath of God
- Who is God; what is He really like?
- And more thought-provoking topics.

I'm so glad someone finally wrote a book that deals with the question "If God is good, why do bad things happen?" in a way that is ENTIRELY scripturally backed. Not only does Stephen explore territory that many Christians are afraid to, he reveals that there is a mountain of encouraging, delightful truth about God in the answer to that question.

It's a quick read but full of intriguing perspective. I also appreciate that Stephen is intentional to differentiate between things he sees explicitly in the Bible (and he shows us where) and ideas he has personally extrapolated (which are based on really sound logic).

After reading this book I am more confident than ever that God is neither angry nor negligent. He's a deeply kind, wholly responsible, and highly relational God. And he's actually always good